Catalogue raisonné

Early Work

Religious art
F-R0001Untitled approx 60 x 40 cmOil on wood or canvasYesUnknowncirca 1974
F-R0002Untitled 14,5x24Tempera on paperNoBerlin~1974
F-R0003Untitled 20x19,8Tempera on paperNoBerlin~1975
F-R0004Untitled 33,5x44Oil on canvasNoBerlin~1978
F-S0001Untitled probably oil on wood or canvasUnknown~1972/73
F-S0002Untitled 65x62Oil on woodPrivate property GRcirca 1973
F-S0003Untitled 80x65Oil on woodnoGRcirca 1973Back: Handwritten presumably title "Madleine ma ceri".
F-S0004Untitled Unknownpresumably oilUnknown~1973
F-S0005Untitled "probably oil on canvasUnknown~1973
F-S0006Untitled probably oil on canvasUnknown~1973
F-S0007Untitled 9,2x8,2Tempera on paperNoBerlin~1973
F-S0008Untitled 52x71,5Oil on canvasGR~1974
F-S0009Untitled Unknown~1974
F-S0010Untitled 80x59Oil on hardboardYesUnknown1974One of the few works he signed "Nantels Siabaliotis" in Latin. Date 1974. S. also F-P0030
F-S0011Untitled approx 60x40probably oil on canvasUnknown~1974
F-S0012Untitled Unknownprobably oil on canvasUnknown~1976
F-S0013Untitled 50,5x34,5Oil on canvasGR~1977Small tear
F-S0014Untitled Unknownpresumably oilYesUnknown1977
F-S0015Untitled presumably oilYesUnknown~1978
F-S0016Untitled probably oil on canvasYesUnknown~1978
F-S0017Untitled 50x35Oil on canvasNoGRcirca 1978
F-S0018Untitled 70x50Oil, gold leaf on canvasNoGRcirca 1978
F-S0019Untitled Largerpresumably oilYesUnknown~1978/79
F-S0020Untitled Unknownprobably oil on canvasYesUnknown~1979
F-S0021Untitled 20,7x14,5Tempera on paperNoBerlin~1978
F-S0022Untitled 18x14Tempera on paperNoBerlin~1979
F-S0023Untitled 24,5x17,5Tempera on paperYesBerlin~1979
F-S0024Violinist41x45Oil pastel on paperYesGRcirca 1974
F-S0025Untitled 42x48Oil pastel on paperyesGR" "
F-S0026Violinist51x46,5" " "nocirca 1974
F-S0027Untitled65x50Oil pastel on bw toner paperyesGR
F-S0028Untitled 50,5x32,5" " "no
F-P0001Untitled 39,5x20Probably coal/graphiteYesBerlin1972
F-P0002Untitled UnknownOil on canvasYesUnknown~1972
F-P0003Untitled 36,5x19,5Oil pastel on paperYesBerlin~1972
F-P0004Untitled 35,5x18Oil pastel on paperYesBerlin~1972
F-P0005Early Awakening (Proino ksipnima)35x35Oil pastel on paperYesPinacotheca Karditsa1974Acquisition by the city 1999/2000
F-P0006Untitled 19,5x22,2Oil pastel on paperNoBerlin~1975
F-P0007Untitled 19,5x29,3Watercolour on paperNoBerlin~1975centred
F-P0008Untitled Unknownprobably oil pastel on paperUnknown~1975
F-P0009Untitled Unknownprobably oil on canvasYesUnknown~1975
F-P0010Triple Face (Dipli Prosopografia)47,4x37Pastel on paperPinacotheca Karditsa1974-76Gift of the artist
F-P0011Untitled 32,5x25Pastel on paperNoBerlin~1977heavily torn at the top
F-P0012Untitled 20,5x16,2Tempera on green-yellow cardboardYesBerlin1978
F-P0013Untitled 22,5x16,2Tempera on green-yellow cardboardNoBerlin~1978
F-P0014Untitled 34,5x24,5Oil pastel on paperNoBerlin~1979upper right corner missing
F-P0015Untitled 129x98,5x5Oil/mixed media on wood panelnoGRcirca 1979probably partly reworked in the 90s. Scribing technique
F-P0016Untitled 29,5x17,5Oil pastel on paperBerlin
F-P0017Untitled UnknownOil pastel on paperYesUnknown~1979
F-P0018Untitled 15x15,5Tempera on paperYesBerlin~1979
F-P0019Untitled UnknownProbably oil on canvasyesUnknown
F-P0020Untitled 37,5x24Tempera u oil pastel on paperyesBerlincirca 1979
F-P0021Untitled 26,5x16,5Oil pastel on paperNoBerlin
F-P0022Untitled 38x22Oil pastel on paperyesBerlincirca 1979
F-P0023Untitled 33,8x25Oil pastel on paperYesBerlin
F-P0024Untitled 50,5x38Oil pastel on papernoGRcirca 1977
F-P0025Untitled 33x14,5Pencil on paperyesGRcirca 1972
F-P0026Untitled 33,5x19Oil pastel on papernoGR
F-P0027Untitled 43x16,5" " "
F-P0028Untitled 40x26,5Oil pastel on papernoGRcirca 1972
F-P0029Untitled 34x18Oil pastel on papernoGRcirca 1972
F-P0030Untitled 38x25,5Pencil on paperyesaround 1972/74Signed with Nantels in Latin letters. S. also F-S0010
F-P0031Untitled 24,5x14,7Oil pastel on paperyesGRcirca 1975Probably a self-portrait
F-P0032Untitled 35x24,5" " "noGRcirca 1975
F-P0033Untitled 40,5x24,5Tempera on papernocirca 1972
F-P0034Untitled 39,7x19,5Oil pastel on paperyesGR
F-P0035Untitled 32,5x25Coloured pencil on paperyesGRcirca 1975
F-P0036Untitled 50,7x70Oil pastel on cardboardno
F-P0037Untitled 50x35Oil on grey cardboard, mixed medianoGRcirca 1977
F-P0038Untitled 32,5x21Oil pastel on paperyesBerlin1972Signed and dated 1972
F-P0039Untitled 33,5x18,5Oil pastel on paperGRcirca1972
F-F0001Thessalonian Garden60x75Mixed mediaPinacotheca Karditsa1971Acquisition by the city 1999/2000
F-F0002Untitled 36x48Oil pastel on paperNoBerlincirca 1971
F-F0004Untitled 20x21,5Collage glossy paperNoBerlinWas reworked by the artist probably around 2000 and supplemented, among other things, by incised technique.
F-F0005Untitled 23x13,5
F-F0006Expression of Summer in the Eyes15x20,8Tempera on paperYesBerlin1971
F-F0007Eurydice10,2x14,5Tempera on paperNoBerlincirca 1975
F-F0008Untitled 24x17YesBerlin1977
F-F0009Untitled 14,7x21NoBerlincirca 1977
F-F0010Untitled 19,5x17,5Nopresumably 1978
F-F0011Untitled UnknownOil on canvasYesUnknown1978
F-F0012Untitled 21,7x25,5Tempera on brown wrapping paperNoBerlincirca 1978
F-F0013Untitled 22x17,5Tempera on paperYesBerlin
F-F0014Untitled Unknownprobably oil on canvasYesUnknown
F-F0015Untitled 26,5x25mixed mediaYesBerlin
F-F0016Untitled Unknownprobably oil on canvasYesUnknown
F-F0017Untitled Unknownprobably oil on canvasYesUnknown1978
F-F0018Nereid13,5x24,5Tempera on paperYesBerlincirca 1979
F-F0019Untitled 16x10,5NoBerlincirca 1979
F-F0020Tides (Paliroies) 14,5x11,5Tempera and ink on paperNocirca 1979One of the few works where the image is combined with its own handwritten text
F-F0021Untitled Unknownprobably oil on canvasUnknown
F-F0022Kid on Donkey70x50Oil on canvasPrivate property GRNot clearly attributable to the artist
F-F0023Girl with SwanUnknownprobably oil on canvasUnknown
F-F0024Girls and HousesUnknownprobably oil on canvasYesUnknown
F-F0025Swan70x45,5Oil pastel on cardboardNoBerlin
F-F0026Untitled Unknownprobably oil on canvasYesUnknown
F-F0027Freedom (Liberté)73x100x4Oil on canvasNoGR
F-F0028Meteoronprobably 100x70probably oil on canvasUnknown
F-F0029Untitled Oil on woodGR
F-F0030Act37,7x16,2Oil pastel on paperNoBerlin
F-F0031Untitled 24x26,5Oil pastel on paperYes
F-F0032Angel24x20Oil pastel on paperYes
F-F0033Untitled Tempera on paperYesPrivate property GRThree smaller works combined in one frame. Triptych.
F-F0034Untitled 87,5x57,5Oil on rough canvasyesGR1977Signed P. Siamp...(Cyrillic), 1977
F-F0035Untitled 50x60 " " "yesGRcirca 1977" " " , without date
F-F0036Untitled 76x36,5Oil pastel on cardboardyesGR1975Signed P. Siamp...(Cyrillic), 75
F-F0037Untitled 50x65Oil pastel on bw toner paperyesGR1977Signed P. Siamp...(Cyrillic), 77
F-F0038Untitled 25x40" " "yescirca 1977
F-F0039Untitled 42x29,5Oil pastel on paperyesGR" "Signed SABALIOTIS in latin. letters
F-F0040Untitled 24x34,5" " "noGRcirca 1978
F-0041Untitled 38x19Oil pastel on papernoBerlinRemnants of scotch tape around the edges...
F-0042Untitled 23x50Tempera on paperyesBerlinTriptych. Mounted twice 9x11 and centrally 7x9cm. Works signed right and left.
AR-K0001Untitled 19x27,8Pen and watercolor on green cardboardYesBerlinaround 1979/80
AR-K0002Untitled 21x24,5Pen on green cardboardYes
AR-K0003Untitled Unknownprobably oil pastelUnknownaround 1979/80
AR-K0004Untitled 8 x12,5Tempera on paperNoBerlin
AR-K0005Untitled Unknownprobably oil pastelUnknownaround 1979/80
AR-K0006Untitled 57,5x43,5Oil pastel on paperYesGRaround 1980/81
AR-K0007Hellas7x8Tempera on green cardboardNoBerlinaround 1980/81
AR-K0008Ellenikos7,5 x14,8Tempera on paperYesBerlin
AR-K0009Untitled Unknownprobably oil pastelYesUnknownaround 1980/81
AR-K0010Untitled Unknownprobably oil pastelYesUnknown
AR-K0011Study boat47,5x63Oil pastel on grey cardboardNoBerlinaround 1980/81
AR-K0012Study warrior47,5x63Oil pastel on grey cardboardNoBerlin
AR-K0013Study carriages and figures46,5x63Oil pastel on grey cardboardNoBerlinaround 1980/81
AR-K0014Study woman with donkey47,5x62,5Oil pastel on grey cardboardNoBerlin
AR-K0015Study boat and figures47,5x63NoBerlinaround 1980/81
AR-K0017Study horse & figure49,5x65Oil pastel on cardboardNoBerlinaround 1980/81Preliminary study for AR-K0026
AR-K0018Study Woman & Horse49,5x65Oil pastel on cardboardNoBerlinPreliminary study for AR-K0023
AR-K0019Horsehead45x63Oil pastel on grey cardboardYesBerlinaround 1980/81
AR-K0020Centaur A47x34Oil pastel on paperNoBerlinRight edge damaged
AR-K0021Centaur B47x34Oil pastel on paperYesBerlinaround 1980/81Some of the edges are heavily damaged...
AR-K0022Untitled 12,5x20Tempera and ink pen on paperNoBerlin
AR-K0023Untitled Unknownprobably oil pastelUnknownaround 1980/81See also AR-K0018
AR-K0024Untitled Unknownprobably oil pastelUnknown
AR-K0025Untitled around 1980/81
AR-K0026Untitled See also AR-K0017
AR-K0027Untitled Unknownprobably oil pastelUnknownaround 1980/81
AR-K0028Untitled UnknownOil pastel on paperYesUnknown
AR-K0029Untitled Unknownaround 1980/81
AR-K0030Untitled UnknownOil pastel on paperUnknown
AR-K0031Untitled Unknownaround 1980/81
AR-K0032Untitled Oil pastel on paperYes
AR-K0033Untitled Yesaround 1980/81
AR-K0034Untitled UnknownOil pastel on paperUnknownaround 1980/81
AR-K0035Untitled Unknown
AR-K0036Goodbye47x34Oil pastel on papernoBerlinaround 1980/81A work from around 1980, which was probably added to/overpainted around 1985/90.
AR-K0037Untitled UnknownUnknown
AR-K0038Untitled UnknownOil pastel on paperYesUnknownaround 1980/81
AR-K0039Immigrant caryatid41,5x50Oil pastel on paperYesBerlinParis 1980On the back stamp of the Greek Ministry of Culture, exhibition Chateau du Bosc 1981.
AR-K0040Blue hour48,5x41Oil pastel on grey cardboardnoBerlinaround 1980/81
AR-K0041Untitled 33,5x49Oil pastel on paperYesBerlin
AR-K0042Untitled 34,5x23Oil pastel on paperYesBerlinaround 1980/81On the back stamp of the Greek Ministry of Culture.
AR-K0043Untitled UnknownOil pastel on paperUnknownExhibition Chateau du Bosc 1981. triptych, three equal-sized works in frame.
AR-K0044Untitled Yesaround 1980/81
AR-K0045TroiadesUnknownOil pastel on paperYesUnknownExhibition Galerie au Roi Soleil, Athens 1981
AR-K0046Untitled 21x19noBerlinaround 1980/81
AR-K0047Untitled 37,5x62,5Oil pastel on grey cardboardYesBerlin1980Exhibition Chateau du Bosc 1981.
AR-K0048Untitled 38,5x58noBerlinaround 1980/81
AR-K0049Untitled UnknownOil pastel on paperYesUnknown
AR-K0050Untitled YesUnknownaround 1980/81Exhibition Galerie au Roi Soleil, Athens 1981. picture is on the invitation flyer.
AR-K0051HermesUnknownTempera on paperYesUnknown
AR-K0052Untitled around 1980/81
AR-K0054Untitled 46x62Oil pastel on paperNoBerlinaround 1980/81
AR-K0055Untitled UnknownYesUnknown
AR-K0056Study figure group47,5x63Oil pastel on grey paperNoBerlinaround 1980/81
AR-K0057Untitled UnknownOil pastel on paperYesUnknown
AR-K0058Kinisi/Movement35x50Oil pastel on grey cardboardYesBerlinaround 1980/81
AR-K0059Untitled UnknownTempera on paperYesUnknown
AR-K0060Untitled around 1980/81
AR-K0061Untitled UnknownTempera on paperUnknown
AR-K0062Untitled around 1980/81
AR-K0063Untitled UnknownTempera on paperYesUnknown
AR-K0064Untitled 12,5x20Tempera u Inkpen on paperNoBerlinaround 1980/81
AR-K0065Cupid & Psyche35x50Oil pastel on cardboardNoBerlin
AR-K0066Security18,3x23,5Tempera on paperaround 1980/81
AR-K0067Untitled 43x31Oil pastel on paperYesGRaround 1980/81
AR-K0068Untitled 48x63Oil pastel on paperNoGR
AR-K0069Untitled 50x70Oil pastel on paperNo
AR-K0070Untitled 47x62,5Oil pastel on paperNoGR
AR-K0071Untitled 41x34Oil pastel on paperNo Berlin
Poetic awakening
AR-PE0001Untitled UnknownOil pastel on paperYesUnknownc. 1980/81Exhibition Chateau du Bosc, FR, 1981.
AR-PE0002Poetic awakening22,5x33Print, hand coloured with temperaYesBerlinExhibition Chateau du Bosc, FR, 1981. graphic 20/50.
AR-PE0003Poetic awakeningaround 1980/81Exhibition Chateau du Bosc, FR, 1981. graphic 17/50.
AR-PE0004Untitled UnknownOil pastel on paperUnknownExhibition Chateau du Bosc, FR, 1981.
AR-PE0005Untitled around 1980/81
AR-PE0006Horse from the sea28x34YesGR
AR-PE0007Horse head and antique column23x43Oil pastel on paperBerlinaround 1980/81Exhibition Chateau du Bosc, FR, 1981. back side stamp grch. ministry of culture.
AR-PE0008Horse head and angel21x29,5Berlin" " " "
AR-PE0009Untitled UnknownUnknownaround 1980/81Exhibition Chateau du Bosc, FR, 1981.
AR-PE0010Untitled Oil pastel on paperExhibition Chateau du Bosc, FR, 1981.
AR-PE0011Portrait of a Girl49x34YesBerlinc. 1980/81
AR-PE0012Untitled UnknownOil pastel on paperUnknown
AR-PE0013Untitled around 1980/81
AR-PE0014Untitled 48x33Oil pastel on paperNoBerlinc. 1980/81The back, limited to lines, greased through, of an otherwise blue pastel throughout. Handwritten annotations by the artist.
AR-PE0015Untitled UnknownOil pastel on paperUnknown
AR-PE0016Untitled Tempera on paperUnknownaround 1980/81
AR-PE0017Untitled UnknownOil pastel on paperYesUnknownExhibition Terzo 1982, Berlin.
AR-PE0018Untitled around 1980/81
AR-PE0019Untitled UnknownOil pastel on paperUnknownExhibition Chateau du Bosc, FR, 1981.
AR-PE0020Untitled around 1980/81" "
AR-PE0021Untitled UnknownOil pastel on paperUnknown" "
AR-PE0022Untitled around 1980/81
AR-PE0023Untitled UnknownOil pastel on paperUnknownExhibition Chateau du Bosc, FR, 1981.
AR-PE0024Untitled around 1980/81" "
AR-PE0025Untitled UnknownOil pastel on paperUnknown" "
AR-PE0026Untitled Yesaround 1980/81" "
AR-PE0027Untitled UnknownOil pastel on paperYesUnknownExhibition Chateau du Bosc, FR, 1981. Exhibition Terzo 1982, Berlin.
AR-PE0028Untitled Yesaround 1980/81Exhibition Chateau du Bosc, FR, 1981.
AR-PE0029Untitled UnknownOil pastel on paperUnknown" "
AR-PE0030Untitled UnknownYesUnknownaround 1980/81
AR-PE0031About Henri70x68,5Oil pastel on drawing cardboardNoGRaround 1980/81Self-portrait of the artist in a Toulouse-Lautrec style painting.
AR-PE0032Untitled 47x62Oil pastel on paperNoGRaround 1980/81
AR-PE0033Untitled 47x64Oil pastel on paperNoGRaround 1980/81
AR-PE0034Untitled 51x73Oil pastel on paperNoGRaround 1980/81
AR-PE0035Untitled 45x63Oil pastel on paperNoGRaround 1980/81
AR-PE0036Kety with her mask 100x70pencil, oil pastel on drawing cardboardYesGRTitle handwritten on front: H Kety me tin friki maska tis
AR-PE0037Untitled 35,5x38,5Oil pastel on grey drawing cardboardNoBerlin
AR-PE0038Untitled 35x35Oil pastel on grey drawing cardboardaround 1980/81
AR-PE0039Untitled 50x36Oil pastel on grey drawing cardboardNoBerlin
AR-PE0040Poetic awakening22,5x33Print, hand coloured with temperaYesaround 1980/81Exhibition Chateau du Bosc, FR, 1981. graphic 18/50.
AR-PE0041Poetic awakening22,5x33Print, hand coloured with temperaYesExhibition Chateau du Bosc, FR, 1981. graphic 16/50.
AR-A0001Untitled UnknownOil pastel on paperYesUnknowncirca 1981Exhibition Terzo, Berlin 1982.
AR-A0002Untitled 68x50Ink pen u black temperaNoBerlincirca 1981Antique battle scene with text
AR-A0003Departure A70x52,5Oil pastel on cardboardNoBerlin
AR-A0004Departure B70x54Oil pastel on cardboardcirca 1981
AR-A0005Untitled 70,5x55,5Oil pastel on cardboardNoBerlin
AR-A0006Cyclades I70x43,5Oil pastel on cardboardcirca 1981Two-part, diptych, Cycladic architecture
AR-A0007Cyclades II70x52Oil pastel on cardboardNoBerlinTwo-part, diptych, Cycladic architecture
AR-A0008Varka/Boat34x47,5Oil pastel on papercirca 1981The painting was probably reworked around 1985 during the Naxos series.
AR-A0009Custodian12,5x20Tempera on paperNoBerlincirca 1981
AR-A0010Untitled 17,5x20Tempera on paperNoBerlin
AR-A0011Untitled 13x10Tempera on papercirca 1981
AR-A0012Untitled 16x16Tempera on paperNoBerlin
AR-A0013Untitled 8x13,5Tempera on paperYesBerlincirca 1981
AR-A0014Untitled 21x29,5Tempera on paperNo
AR-A0015Untitled 12,2x20Tempera on paperBerlincirca 1981
AR-A0016Untitled 12,2x20Tempera on paperNo
AR-A0017Untitled UnknownOil pastel on paperYesUnknowncirca 1981Exhibition Terzo, Berlin 1982.
AR-A0018Untitled Oil pastel on paperExhibition Terzo, Berlin 1982.
AR-A0019Horse and Caryatid45x60Oil on canvasNoGRcirca 1981
AR-A0020Horse and Amphitheatre66x56 m framePencil on paperNoGR
AR-A0021Untitled UnknownOil pastel on paperYesUnknowncirca 1981Exhibition Terzo, Berlin 1982.
AR-A0022Untitled UnknownOil pastel on paper
AR-A0023Untitled UnknownOil pastel on paperYesUnknowncirca 1981Exhibition Terzo, Berlin 1982.
AR-A0024Untitled Oil pastel on paperExhibition Terzo, Berlin 1982.
AR-A0025Untitled UnknownOil pastel on paperUnknowncirca 1981
AR-A0026Untitled Oil pastel on paperExhibition Terzo, Berlin 1982.
AR-A0027Untitled UnknownOil pastel on paperUnknowncirca 1981
AR-A0028Idolia70x100Oil pastel on drawing cardboardYesGRcirca 1982Antinor exhibition, Athens 1983. On the invitation flyer.
AR-A0029Untitled Oil pastel on drawing cardboardYesExhibition Terzo, Berlin 1982.
AR-A0030Circle47x63Oil pastel on paperNoBerlincirca 1983
AR-A0031Troy47x63Oil pastel on paper
AR-A0032Untitled 21x29,5Tempera on paperNoBerlincirca 1983
AR-A0033Untitled 12x20Tempera on paper
AR-A0034Untitled 12,4x20Tempera on paperBerlincirca 1983
AR-A0035Untitled 12,4x13Tempera on paper
AR-A0036Untitled 21x25Tempera on paperYesBerlincirca 1983
AR-A0037Untitled 12,2x20Tempera on paperNo
AR-A0038Untitled 16,5x22,5Tempera on paperYesBerlincirca 1983
AR-A0039Untitled 21x29,5Tempera on paperOn the back stamp of the Greek Ministry of Culture.
AR-A0040At the gates of Troy20,7x16,4Tempera on paperBerlincirca 1983
AR-A0041Caryatid35x54Oil pastel on paper
AR-A0042UntitledUnknownOil pastel on paperYesUnknowncirca 1983
AR-A0043Cupid and Psyche BUnknownOil pastel on paper
AR-A0044Athena resting46,5x63Oil pastel on paperNoBerlincirca 1983
AR-A0045UntitledUnknownOil pastel on paperUnknown
AR-A0046Nemesis46,5x63,5Oil pastel on paperNoBerlincirca 1983
AR-A0047Women of Troy46,5x63Oil pastel on paperYesBerlin
AR-A0048UntitledUnknownOil pastel on paperUnknowncirca 1983
AR-A0049UntitledUnknownCeramic, glazedUnknown
AR-A0050UntitledUnknownCeramic, glazedUnknowncirca 1983Probably for the exhibition Antinor, Athens 1983
AR-A0051UntitledCeramic, glazedProbably for the exhibition Antinor, Athens 1983
AR-A0052UntitledCeramic, glazedcirca 1983Probably for the exhibition Antinor, Athens 1983
AR-A0053Confusion of the Sphinx37,5x37,5x3Paper on canvas, encausticNoBerlinUnclearThe work, which is partly covered with acrylic paint, could go back to a paper work from around 1983, only to be revised again in the Berlin period around 2000.
AR-A0054Untitled42,5x58Oil on canvasNoGRcirca 1981
AR-A0055Untitled55x35Oil pastel on yellow cardboardNoGRcirca 1982
AR-A0056Untitled47,5x31,5Oil pastel on paperNo" "
AR-A0057Caryatid B35x50Oil pastel on grey cardboardNoGRcirca 1983
AR-A0058Untitled36x35Oil pastel on grey cardboard
AR-A0059Untitled70x46,5Oil pastel on grey cardboardNoGRcirca 1981
AR-A0060Untitled70x100Oil pastel on drawing cardboardYesGR
AR-A0061UntitledOil pastel on drawing cardboardNo
AR-A0062Guardian Angel70x100GRcirca 1981
AR-A0063Poulia (Birds) " "Oil pastel on paperNo
AR-A0064Untitled70x100Oil pastel on drawing cardboardNoGRcirca 1981
AR-A0065UntitledOil pastel on drawing cardboard
AR-A0066Untitled70x100Oil pastel on drawing cardboardNoGRcirca 1982
AR-A0067Untitled50x35,5Oil pastel on cardboardNoBerlincirca 1981
AR-A0068Untitled35x50Oil pastel on cardboardNo
AR-A0069Untitled100x135Oil pastel on cardboardNoGRcirca 1981
AR-A0070At the end of timeOil pastel on cardboardNoGR
AR-A0071Kentavros100x135Oil pastel on cardboardGR
AR-N0001Wave in the Sea (o kilos mesa stin thalassa)50x70Oil pastel on paperYesGRcirca 1983
AR-N0002Untitled47,5x62,5Oil pastel on paperNoBerlin
AR-N0003Study - Pandaisia B50x65Oil pastel on paperUnknowncirca 1983
AR-N0004Study - Pandaisia G50x70Oil pastel on paperNoBerlin
AR-N0005Untitled47x34Oil pastel on paperYesBerlincirca 1983Lower right corner damaged
AR-N0006Untitled34x50Oil pastel on paperNoBerlin
AR-N0007Diprosopo study47x63Oil pastel on papercirca 1983
AR-N0008Diprosopo black and whiteUnknownOil pastel on paperYesUnknown
AR-N0009Study portrait boy45x58Oil pastel black toner paperBerlincirca 1983
AR-N0010Study portrait girl40x68Oil pastel on paperNoBerlin
AR-N0011Untitled16,8x21,7Tempera,oil pastel on papercirca 1983Upper edge perforated in the middle
AR-N0012Love is a single soul in two bodies48x63,5Oil pastel on grey cardboardNocirca 1984
AR-N0013UntitledUnknownOil pastel on paperYesUnknown
AR-N0014At the edge of infinity43x44Oil pastel on paperNoBerlincirca 1984
AR-N0015Study girls49x31,5Oil pastel on paperYesBerlinRight margin trimmed, torn at the bottom
AR-N0016UntitledUnknownTempera on paperYesUnknowncirca 1984
AR-N0017UntitledUnknownOil pastel on paperYesUnknown
AR-N0018Untitled49x34Oil pastel on paperNoBerlincirca 1984
AR-N0019Untitled49,5x34Oil pastel on paper
AR-N0020UntitledUnknownOil pastel on paperYesUnknowncirca 1984
AR-N0021Untitled69x54 m frameOil pastel on brown wrapping paperYesGR
AR-N0022Untitled32,5x18Oil pastel on black toner paperNoBerlincirca 1984Upper rim damaged.
AR-N0023Untitled18x13Tempera on green check paperYesBerlin
AR-N0024UntitledUnknownTempera on paperUnknowncirca 1984
AR-N0025Tempera on paper
AR-N0026UntitledUnknownTempera on paperUnknowncirca 1984
AR-N0027Tempera on paper
AR-N0028UnknownTempera on paperYesUnknowncirca 1984
AR-N0029Tempera on paper
AR-N003051x40,5 m frameTempera on paper, mixed mediaGRcirca 1984
AR-N0031Untitled21x14,7Tempera on paperNoBerlincirca 1984
AR-N0032UntitledUnknownTempera on paperUnknown
AR-N0033Untitled12,5x13Tempera on paperYesBerlincirca 1984
AR-N0034UntitledUnknownTempera on paperYesUnknown
AR-N0035Study Face I49x34Oil pastel on paperNoBerlincirca 1984
AR-N0036Study Face II63x47Oil pastel on grey cardboardNoBerlin
AR-N0037UntitledUnknownOil pastel on paperUnknowncirca 1984
AR-N0038Untitled23,5x17Oil pastel on cardboardYesBerlinUpper left slightly torn. Lower left white signature, painted over to the größeren part.
AR-N0039Untitled20x13,3Tempera on paperNoBerlincirca 1984
AR-N0040Untitled42x32,5Oil pastel on black toner paperNoBerlin
AR-N0042Single soul/Diprosopo66x51x4Oil pastel on hardboard, mixed mediaNoBerlincirca 1984Oil pastel from around 1984, reworked around 2000 in Berlin.
AR-N0043UntitledUnknownOil pastel on paperYesUnknown
AR-N0044UntitledOil pastel on papercirca 1984
AR-N0045Untitled24x23,5Tempera on strong cardboardNoBerlin
AR-N0046Untitled46x35,5Oil pastel on drawing boardcirca 1984
AR-N004721x29,5Tempera on paperYesBerlin
AR-N0048UntitledUnknownOil pastel on paperYesUnknowncirca 1984
AR-N0049UntitledOil pastel on paper
AR-N0050UntitledUnknownOil pastel on paperUnknowncirca 1984
AR-N0051Oil pastel on paperYes
AR-N0052Untitled68,5x53,2Oil pastel on paperYesGRcirca 1984
AR-N0053UnknownOil pastel on paperUnknown
AR-N0054Oil pastel on papercirca 1984
AR-N0055Oil pastel on paperYes
AR-N005642,5x34Oil pastel on paperNoBerlincirca 1984Right edge badly damaged.
AR-N0057Color of the Soul I16x10,5Tempera on paperYesBerlin
AR-N0058Color of the Soul II65,5x50,5 m frameOil pastel on paperYesGRcirca 1984
AR-N0059Body study35x35,5Tempera on cardboardBerlin
AR-N0060Pothos60x44Oil pastel on paperYesPinacotheca Karditsacirca 1984Acquisition by the city 1999/2000
AR-N0061Study bike46,5x63Oil pastel on brown paperNoBerlin
AR-N0062Study still life63x47Oil pastel on brown papercirca 1984
AR-N0063Study movement61x47Oil pastel on brown paperBerlin
AR-N0064Study Balance62,5x47Oil pastel on brown papercirca 1984
AR-N0065Study Topos46,5x59,5Oil pastel on brown paperBerlin
AR-N0066Dokimi21x29,5Oil, mixed media on papercirca 1984
AR-N0067Study Tetragono33x27Oil pastel on brown paperBerlin
AR-N0068Untitled19,8x12,4Tempera on paperNoBerlincirca 1984
AR-N0069Untitled21x14,5Tempera on paper
AR-N0070Untitled47x63Oil pastel on paperBerlincirca 1984Back stamp of the Greek Ministry of Culture, entry/exit 15-2-84.
AR-N0071Untitled45x63Oil pastel on paper
AR-N0072Untitled35,5x48,5Oil pastel on paperBerlincirca 1985Upper rim damaged.
AR-N0073Untitled33,5x49,5Oil pastel on paper
AR-N0074Untitled34x49,5Oil pastel on paperBerlincirca 1985
AR-N0075Untitled30,5x45,5Oil pastel on paper
AR-N0076Thalassa I10x14Tempera on paperBerlincirca 1985
AR-N0077Thalassa II10x15Tempera on paper
AR-N0078Wings32x25Oil pastel on paperBerlincirca 1985
AR-N0079Untitled46x30Oil pastel on paperTorn in several places at the lower edge.
AR-N0080Untitled43,5x18,5Oil pastel on paperNoBerlincirca 1985
AR-N0081Untitled46,5x63Oil pastel on paper
AR-N0082UntitledUnknownTempera on paperYesUnknowncirca 1985
AR-N0083UntitledUnknownTempera on paper
AR-N0084UntitledUnknownTempera on paperUnknowncirca 1985
AR-N0085Untitled10x14Tempera on paperNoBerlinOn the back part of a pencil drawing, tree.
AR-N0086Untitled15x16Tempera on paperNoBerlincirca 1985
AR-N0087Untitled21x14,5Tempera on paperYes
AR-N0088UntitledUnknownOil pastel on paperYesUnknowncirca 1986
AR-N0089UntitledUnknownOil pastel on paper
AR-N0090UntitledOil pastel on paperUnknowncirca 1986
AR-N0091Untitled UnknownOil pastel on paperYes
AR-N0092UntitledOil pastel on paperUnknowncirca 1986
AR-N0093UntitledUnknownOil pastel on paper
AR-N0094UntitledTempera on paperYesUnknowncirca 1986
AR-N0095UntitledUnknownOil pastel on paperYes
AR-N0096UntitledOil pastel on paperUnknowncirca 1986
AR-N0097UntitledUnknownOil pastel on paper
AR-N0098UntitledOil pastel on paperUnknowncirca 1986
AR-N0099UntitledUnknownOil pastel on papercirca 1986
AR-N0100Untitled49,5x34Oil pastel on paperNoBerlincirca 1984
AR-N0101Untitled48x32,5Oil pastel on paperNoBerlin
AR-N0102Untitled49,5x34Oil pastel on paperNoBerlincirca 1984
AR-N0103Untitled" "Oil pastel on paperNoBerlin
AR-N0104Untitled35x32Oil pastel on paperNoBerlincirca 1985
AR-N0105Untitled25,5x50Oil pastel on grey drawing cardboardYesBerlincirca 1985
AR-N0106Untitled47x23Oil pastel on paperNoBerlin
AR-N0107Untitled38x15Oil pastel on paperNoBerlin
AR-N0108Untitled34x29,5Oil pastel on grey drawing cardboardNoBerlincirca 1985
AR-N0109Untitled33x40Oil pastel on paperNoCorners top right & bottom left damaged
Archegoni Nichta
AR-AN0001Untitled63x47Oil pastel on grey paperNoBerlincirca 1985
AR-AN0002Study Erotas I70x50Oil pastel on paperNoBerlinPaper torn in the middle and heavily damaged (liquid?).
AR-AN0003Study Erotas IIOil pastel on papercirca 1985
AR-AN0004Study Act I49x35Oil pastel on paperNoBerlin
AR-AN0005Study Act IIOil pastel on papercirca 1985
AR-AN0006Untitled49x34,5Oil pastel on paperNoBerlin
AR-AN0007Study Act IIIOil pastel on papercirca 1985
AR-AN0008Untitled49x35Oil pastel on paperNoBerlin
AR-AN0009Untitled41x33Oil pastel on papercirca 1985
AR-AN0010UntitledUnknownOil pastel on paperUnknown
AR-AN0011Lyriko III48,5x34,5Oil pastel on paperNoBerlincirca 1985
AR-AN0012Lyriko IV40,5x33Oil pastel on paper
AR-AN0013Study Woman and Horse49,5x65Oil pastel on papercirca 1985
AR-AN0014UntitledUnknownOil pastel on paperUnknowncirca 1985
AR-AN0015Untitled63x78 m frameOil pastel on paperYesPrivate property GRProbably older work from around 1980, newly revised.
AR-AN0016Sweet Sleep50x43Oil pastel on paperNoBerlincirca 1985
AR-AN0017Untitled42x33Oil pastel on papercirca 1986
AR-AN0018UntitledUnknownOil pastel on paperYesUnknown
AR-AN0019Archegoni Nichta B45x38Oil pastel on paperNoPinacotheca Karditsa1985 LundAcquisition by the city 1999/2000
AR-AN0020Study woman and curve49x35Oil pastel on paperBerlincirca 1986
AR-AN0021Study Act IVOil pastel on paper
AR-AN0022Untitled41x33Oil pastel on paperBerlincirca 1986
AR-AN0023Untitled48x63Oil pastel on paper
AR-AN0024UntitledUnknownOil pastel on paperUnknowncirca 1986
AR-AN0025Untitled41x33Oil pastel on paperNoBerlin
AR-AN0026Untitled46x38Oil pastel on papercirca 1986
AR-AN0027Untitled38x46Oil pastel on paperBerlin
AR-AN0028Untitled46x38Oil pastel on papercirca 1986
AR-AN0029Study Erotas III47x63Oil pastel on paperBerlin
AR-AN0030Study Metamorphosis40,5x33Oil pastel on papercirca 1986
AR-AN0031Archegoni Nichta A45x38Oil pastel on paperYesPinacotheca Karditsa1985 LundAcquisition by the city 1999/2000
AR-AN0032UntitledUnknownOil pastel on paperUnknowncirca 1986
AR-AN0033UntitledUnknownOil pastel on papercirca 1987
AR-AN0034Study Act V70x50Oil pastel on paperYesBerlin
AR-AN0035Study Transformation I46x38Oil pastel on paperNoBerlincirca 1987One of the first works with incised technique, which he will intensify in the Berlin years around 2000.
AR-AN0036Untitled46x38Oil pastel on paper
AR-AN0037UntitledUnknownOil pastel on paperUnknowncirca 1987
AR-AN0038Untitled41x33Oil pastel on paperNoBerlin
AR-AN0039UntitledOil pastel on papercirca 1987
AR-AN0040Untitled47x38,5Oil pastel on paperNo
AR-AN0041Untitled50x27Oil pastel on paperYesBerlincirca 1987
AR-AN0042Untitled49x34,5Oil pastel on paperNoScribing
AR-AN0043Untitled46x38Oil pastel on paperNoBerlincirca 1987
AR-AN0044Untitled38x46Oil pastel on paperForms a work together with AN0045.
AR-AN0045UntitledOil pastel on paperBerlincirca 1987Forms a work together with AN0044.
AR-AN0046Untitled41x33Oil pastel on paper
AR-AN0047UntitledUnknownOil pastel on paperUnknowncirca 1987
AR-AN0048Oil pastel on paper
AR-AN0049UntitledUnknownOil pastel on paperUnknowncirca 1987
AR-AN0050Oil pastel on paper
AR-AN0051Archegoni Nichta G45x38Oil pastel on paperNoPinacotheca Karditsacirca 1987Acquisition by the city 1999/2000
AR-AN0052UntitledUnknownOil pastel on paperYesUnknown
AR-AN0053UntitledOil pastel on papercirca 1987
AR-AN0054UnknownOil pastel on paperUnknown
AR-AN0055Untitled46x38Oil pastel on paperNoBerlincirca 1987
AR-AN0056Study Nude and Curve II49x35Oil pastel on paper
AR-AN0057Study Nude and Curve IIIOil pastel on paperYesUnknowncirca 1987
AR-AN0059Untitled46,5x63Oil pastel on paperNoBerlincirca 1987
AR-AN0060Untitled39,5x27,5Oil pastel on brown paper shopping bagNoBerlin
AR-AN0061Untitled70x49Oil pastel on cardboardcirca 1987
AR-AN0062Untitled42x33Oil pastel on paperNoBerlin
AR-AN0063Untitled47x63Oil pastel on papercirca 1987
AR-AN0064Untitled47x63Oil pastel on paperBerlin
AR-AN0065Untitled63x47Oil pastel on papercirca 1987
AR-AN0066Untitled41x33Oil pastel on paperBerlin
AR-AN0067Untitled46x38Oil pastel on papercirca 1987
AR-AN0068Untitled46x38Oil pastel on paperBerlinScribing
AR-AN0069UntitledUnknownOil pastel on paperYesUnknowncirca 1987
AR-AN0070Study Curve46x38Oil pastel on paperNoBerlin
AR-AN0071Untitled46,5x38Oil pastel on paperNoBerlincirca 1987Scribing
AR-AN0072Untitled65x50Oil pastel on paper
AR-AN0073Did you hear the Seabird's cry?35x33Oil pastel on paperNoBerlincirca 1987Back stamp: National Gallery.Export permitted.title is handwritten by the artist.
AR-AN0074Muse A100x70Oil pastel on drawing cardboardNoGRcirca 1985
AR-AN0075Muse B70x100Oil pastel on paper
AR-AN0076Muse G70x56,6Oil pastel on paper
AR-D0001UntitledUnknownInk drawing on paperNoUnknowncirca 1984The picture was on the invitation flyer for the exhibition at the Terra Cotta Gallery, Thessaloniki 1985.
AR-D0002Untitled10x15,6Ink drawing on paperBerlin
AR-D0003UntitledUnknownOil pastel on paperYesUnknowncirca 1984
AR-D0004UntitledUnknownOil pastel on paper
AR-D0005Travelling memoriesOil pastel on paperYesUnknowncirca 1984
AR-D0006UntitledUnknownOil pastel on papercirca 1985
AR-D0007Oil pastel on paperUnknown
AR-D0008UntitledUnknownOil pastel on papercirca 1985
AR-D0009Oil pastel on paperYesUnknown
AR-D0010UntitledUnknownOil pastel on papercirca 1985
AR-D0011Oil pastel on paperUnknown
AR-D0012UntitledUnknownOil pastel on papercirca 1985
AR-D0013Oil pastel on paperUnknown
AR-D0014UntitledUnknownOil pastel on papercirca 1985
AR-D0015UntitledOil pastel on paperUnknown
AR-D0016UntitledUnknownOil pastel on papercirca 1985
AR-D0017UntitledOil pastel on paperUnknown
AR-D0018UntitledUnknownOil pastel on papercirca 1985
AR-D0019Oil pastel on paperUnknowncirca 1985Exhibition Gallery Dada, Athens 1986.
AR-D0020UntitledUnknownOil pastel on paperYesUnknownExhibition Gallery Dada, Athens 1986.
AR-D0021UntitledOil pastel on papercirca 1985
AR-D0022UntitledUnknownOil pastel on paperUnknown
AR-D0023UntitledOil pastel on papercirca 1985
AR-D0024Untitled UnknownOil pastel on paperUnknowncirca 1985
HA-G0001UntitledUnknownPalm branch, wood, mixed mediaUnknowncirca 1989
HA-G0002UntitledUnknown" "Unknown
HA-G0003UntitledWooden object, mixed mediadestroyedcirca 1989The attached wooden object was recomposed in Berlin years, see WVZ-BII-K0022.
HA-G0004UntitledUnknown" "Unknown
HA-G0005" "circa 1989
HA-G0006Mesogeio98x128Mixed mediaPinacotheca Karditsa1988 HydraExhibition Stavlos Gallery, Athens 1996; exhibition Pinakothek, Karditsa 1998; acquisition by the city 1999/2000.
HA-G0007UntitledUnknownMixed mediayesUnknowncirca 1990
HA-G0008Untitled45x90x4Mixed media, acrylic on woodnoGR
HA-G0009Home40x80x12Swallow's nest, mixed media on woodnoBerlincirca 1990One of the first works in which an ideogram appears.
HA-G0010UntitledUnknownPalm branch, wood, mixed mediayesUnknownThe first version was modified again by the artist around 1995.
HA-G0011Summerflight71,5x90x17palm branch, mixed media, encausticnoGRcirca 1990One of the first works with encaustic.
HA-G0012Cassandra94x62x13palm branch, mixed media, encausticPinacotheca Karditsa1988 HydraExhibition Stavlos Gallery, Athens 1996; exhibition Pinakothek, Karditsa 1998; acquisition by the city 1999/2000.
HA-G0013Untitled85x38x3Assemblage, mixed media on woodnoGRcirca 1993
HA-G0014Untitled112,5x24x7Wood, mixed medianoGR " "
HA-G0015UntitledUnknownPalm branch, mixed mediayesUnknowncirca 1990The first version was modified again by the artist around 1995.
HA-G0016UntitledUnknown" "UnknownOne of the first wood reliefs of the artist. He continues this art form especially in the series Metaplaseis around 2005.
HA-G0017Artemis" "GRcirca 1990Exhibition Stavlos Gallery, Athens 1996.
HA-G0018UntitledUnknownWooden object, mixed mediaUnknownThe first version was modified by the artist probably another time around 1995. A first great ideogram!
HA-G0019Earth History120x45x5Wood relief, mixed media, encausticUnknowncirca 1990Trilogy of three equal partsß.
HA-G0020UntitledUnknownWooden object, mixed mediaUnknownOne of the first objects that go back to the very first "art attempts" of the 8-year-old village boy: fantastic musical instruments. Further objects follow, especially in the first years of Berlin, so BI-Al0002-0007.
HA-G0021Untitled" "yescirca 1990
HA-G0022Untitled79,5x40x12,5Wooden object, mixed medianoGR
HA-G0023Liturgy IUnknown" "Unknowncirca 1995The larger wooden object was presumably used for the floor work called Liturgy for the exhibition at Prismahaus, Berlin 1998. The artist's first spatial installation. He will turn increasingly to larger objects, especially in the Berlin period from 1997 onwards.
HA-G0024Vion Anthesparton17x24x2Wood, mixed mediayesPrivate collection D
HA-G0025History of the Earth (Gaiohistorima)80x40Wooden relief, mixed mediaPinacotheca Karditsacirca 1996Acquisition by the city 1999/2000
HA-G0026The book of Sybil44x88,5x11Wooden object, mixed media, encausticnoGR
HA-G0027Liturgy40x180x8Wooden object, mixed media, encausticPrivate collection Scirca 1996One of the first works in which a kind of honeycomb structure appears, combined with wax. A combination that he brings to perfection in the series of works Kypseles in Berlin from 2006.
HA-G0028Mother Earth88x26x6Wooden object, mixed media, encausticnoGRExhibition Liturgy in the Historical Archive-Museum 2004
HA-G0029Mother Earth II40x120" "" "The work will be taken over by the Historical Archive-Museum 2004 after the exhibition Liturgy.
HA-G0030Cosmonauts170x230x10Wood, fabric, oxidized ironGRcirca 1997Trilogy of three almost equally sized objects. In the article Selides, interview with Frosso Pavlou, Sept 1999.
HA-G0031Entry203x60x5Wooden object, mixed media, encaustic
HA-G0032Entry II" "" "Unknowncirca 1997Exhibition Diachrona, Pinakothek Karditsa, 2001.
HA-G0033Sirens80x40x5Wooden object, mixed media, encausticyesUnknown
HA-G0034Prometheus120x40x5" "Private collection Athenscirca 1997see also G0040
HA-G0035UntitledUnknownWooden object, mixed media, encausticyesUnknown
HA-G0036Phenomenon B50x60" "Unknowncirca 1997
HA-G0037Circle of Life120 diam.Wooden object, mixed media, encaustic
HA-G0038Meteoro60 diam.Wooden object, mixed media, encausticcirca 1997Exhibition Diachrona, Pinakothek Karditsa, 2001.
HA-G0039Untitled34x103x2assemblage, mixed media on wood, encausticnoGRcirca 1996
HA-G0040Prometheus B93,5x39,5x2,5Wooden object, relief, mixed mediaGRcirca 1997see also G0034
HA-V0001Katadissi65x50Oil pastel on paperUnknowncirca 1992
HA-V0002Untitled36,5x51" "yesBerlinProbably work from the early eighties, which was revised by the artist.
HA-V0003Sto kylo tis thalassas B50x65Oil pastel on paperUnknowncirca 1992
HA-V0004Pandaisia A70x50" " "Probably exhibition tides, Corfu 1995
HA-V0005Eidileion GOil pastel on papercirca 1992Probably exhibition tides, Corfu 1995
HA-V0006Pandaisia B50x70" "Unknown" "
HA-V0007Eidileion B50x65Oil pastel on paperyesPrivate property GRcirca 1992" "
HA-V0008Untitled70x100Oil pastel run cardboard on hardboardnoGR
HA-V0009UntitledUnknownOil pastel on paperUnknowncirca 1992
HA-V0010UntitledUnknown" "yesUnknown
HA-V0011UntitledUnknownOil pastel on paperyes "circa 1992
HA-V0012" "
HA-V0013UntitledOil pastel on papercirca 1992
HA-V0014Untitled" "Cover of the invitation flyer for the exhibition Allote Thalassa, Karditsa 1993
HA-V0015UntitledOil pastel on papercirca 1992
HA-V0016Untitled100x70Acrylic/Oil on canvasyesGRBack "Ioulianes Hores"
HA-V0017UntitledUnknownOil pastel on paperUnknowncirca 1992
HA-V0018UntitledUnknown" "
HA-V0019UntitledOil pastel on papercirca 1992
HA-V0020Untitled" "
HA-V0021UntitledUnknownOil pastel on paperyesUnknowncirca 1992
HA-V0022" "
HA-V0023Oil pastel on papercirca 1992
HA-V0024Eidileion A75x45" "yesGR
HA-V0025Eidileion D68x43Oil pastel on paperBerlincirca 1992
HA-V0026Adventures on Hydra (Peripetia tis Ydras) 14x11,5Tempera on paperyes
HA-V0027Untitled19,8x12,3" "Berlincirca 1992Probably older work from the early eighties, reworked on Hydra around 1992.
HA-V0028Untitled19,5x12,2Tempera on paperno
HA-V0029Untitled19,5x14,2" "Berlincirca 1992
HA-V0030Untitled12,5x19Tempera on paperyes
HA-V0031Untitled14,7x20,7" "noBerlincirca 1992
HA-V0032Untitled13x21,5Tempera on paper
HA-V003321x29,5" "Berlincirca 1992
HA-V0034Untitled12,5x19,5Tempera on paper
HA-V003511,5x17" "Berlincirca 1992
HA-V0036 UntitledUnknownTempera on paperyesUnknowncirca 1992
HA-V003719,5x28,5" "noBerlincirca1993One of the first works with scriptural art. Compare also HA-V0056.
HA-V0038Untitled17,5x24Tempera on papernoBerlinOn the back pencil drawings/sketches of head and forms.
HA-V003917x24Tempera and inkpen on papercirca1993
HA-V0040Sphinx17,5x15,5Tempera on paperyesBerlin
HA-V0041Untitled49,5x65Oil pastel on papernocirca1993
HA-V0042Untitled9,5x11Tempera on paperBerlinLower margin irregularly trimmed, top center a nail hole. Back side ink drawing of a cut bird.
HA-V0043UntitledUnknownOil pastel on paperyesUnknowncirca1993Probably older work from the early eighties, revised around 1993.
HA-V0044UntitledUnknown" "
HA-V0045UntitledUnknownOil pastel on paperUnknowncirca1993
HA-V0046" "
HA-V0047UntitledUnknownOil pastel on paperUnknowncirca1993
HA-V0048" "
HA-V0049UntitledUnknownOil pastel on paperUnknowncirca1993
HA-V0050" "
HA-V0051UntitledUnknownOil pastel on paperUnknowncirca1993
HA-V0052" "
HA-V0053UntitledUnknownOil pastel on paperUnknowncirca1993Compare similar works of the series Kayryatiden (AR-K0026) and Archegoni Nichta (AR-AN0013).
HA-V0054" "
HA-V0055Aetos34x47,5Oil pastel on papernoBerlincirca 1992Scribing technique. An exception among the works with a title in the work.
HA-V0056Horse with Wing23,5x23Tempera on paperyesBerlinOne of the first works with scriptural art/letters. Compare also HA-V0037.
HA-V0057Horse with Rider33,8x23Pencil and tempera on papernoBerlincirca 1992
HA-V0058Pegasus Blue45,5x63Oil pastel on paperyesBerlinScribing
HA-V0059Horse with Rider44x62" "nocirca 1992
HA-V0060Horse in Blue70,5x55Oil pastel on cardboardBerlin
HA-V0061Pegasus Red45x63Oil pastel on papercirca 1992
HA-V0062Untitled41,5x30" "Berlin
HA-V0063UntitledUnknownOil pastel on paperUnknowncirca 1992
HA-V0064Voreia Thalassa77x62 m frameOil pastel on paper and hardboardyesGRBack: Title u F263
HA-V0065UntitledUnknownOil pastel on papercirca 1992
HA-V0066" "Unknown
HA-V0067UntitledOil pastel on paperUnknowncirca 1992
HA-V0068Nichterinos Pothos82x62 m frameOil pastel on paper and hardboardyesGRBack: Title u F255
HA-V0069Open!circa 1992
HA-V0070Untitled62,5x47,5Oil pastel on paper and hardboardyesGRBack "Amloti" F267
HA-V0071" "circa 1992
HA-V007268,5x52,5 m frameOil pastel on paper and hardboard
HA-V0073Lyricon F67x48" "yesBerlincirca 1992
HA-V0074Nichterini Kyklada100x70Oil pastel on paper and hardboardGRBack: Title Nichterini Kyklada u F 252
HA-V0075UntitledUnknown" "Unknowncirca 1992
HA-V0076UntitledUnknownOil pastel on paperyesUnknown
HA-V0077Untitled50x65Oil pastel on paper and hardboardnoGRcirca 1995
HA-V0078Untitled100x70" " "yesGR
HA-V0079Archegoni Nona77x62 m frameOil pastel on paper and hardboardcirca 1995Back: Title u F 260
HA-V0080UntitledUnknown" " "Unknown
HA-V0081UnknownOil pastel on paperyesUnknowncirca 1995Probably a work from the series Archegoni Nichta around 1985, revised by the artist 10 years later.
HA-V0082Untitled70x100Oil pastel on paper and hardboardyesGR" "
HA-V0083UntitledUnknownOil pastel on paperyesUnknowncirca 1995Probably a work from the early eighties, reworked by the artist.
HA-V0084Untitledprobably acrylic and oil pastelyesUnknown
HA-V0085UntitledOil pastel on papercirca 1995
HA-V0086" "
HA-V008750x70Oil pastel on drawing cardboardnoGRcirca 1995
HA-V0088Untitled45x61Oil pastel on papernoPinacotheca KarditsaDonation R. Sabalioti 2017
HA-V0089Untitled70x60oil/acrylic on canvasnoGR
HA-V0090Untitled70x100Oil pastel on drawing cardboardnoGRcirca 1992
HA-V0091Untitled70x100" "no
HA-V009250x70" "
HA-V0093Untitled47x62,5Oil pastel on papernoGRcirca 1992
HA-V009450x70Oil pastel on drawing cardboardno
HA-R0001UntitledUnknownProbably acrylic on canvasyesUnknowncirca 1995Exhibition Stavlos, Athens 1996
HA-R0002Hightide (Paliria) 100x150Oil/acrylic on canvas" "
HA-R0003Untitled100x80Acrylic on canvasyesGRcirca 1995Scribing
HA-R000455x45Oil/acrylic on hardboardnoScribing
HA-R0005Untitled70x50Oil pastel, mixed media on paper and hardboardnoGRcirca 1995
HA-R0006Untitled59x31Oil/acrylic on pressboardno
HA-R0007UntitledUnknownProbably oil pastel on paperyesUnknowncirca 1995Illustration in interview with F. Pavlou, Selides 1999
HA-R0008Untitled70x50Oil pastel on paper and hardboardyesBerlin
HA-R000969,5x48" "noGRcirca 1995Scribing
HA-R001070x50Acrylic on canvasnoGR
HA-R0011Untitled68x40x4Acrylic on woodnoGRcirca 1995Scribing
HA-K0001Antigoni110x54Mixed mediayesPinacotheca Karditsa1988 HydraExhibition Orosima, Karditsa 1997/98. acquisition by the city 1999/2000
HA-K0002Burnt poem (Kaioumeno Poima) 100x70" "Exhibition Stavlos, Athens 1996. Acquisition by the city 1999/2000
HA-K0003Delphic Epsilon (Delphiki Epsilon)Mixed media" "1988 HydraAcquired by the city in 1999/2000. See also smaller tempera works HA-V0037 and HA-V0056.
HA-K0004Chrismos" "" "Exhibition Stavlos, Athens 1996 and Orosima, Karditsa 1997/98 Acquired by the city 1999/2000
HA-K0005SphinxUnknownMixed mediaUnknowncirca 1989
HA-K0006UntitledUnknownProbably acrylic on canvasUnknown
HA-K0007Untitled" "Unknown
HA-K0008UnknownProbably acrylic on canvasyescirca 1990
HA-K0009Untitled" "Unknown
HA-K0010UnknownProbably acrylic on canvascirca 1990
HA-K0011Untitled" "Unknown
HA-K0012UntitledUnknownOil pastel on papercirca 1990
HA-K0013" "Unknownsee also K0070
HA-K0014UntitledProbably acrylic on canvasyesUnknowncirca 1990
HA-K0015Untitled140x130Acrylic on canvasyesGRExhibition Orosima, Karditsa 1997/98. incised technique
HA-K0016Probably acrylic on canvascirca 1990" "
HA-K0017Untitled29,5x19,5Tempera on cardboardnoBerlincirca 1994
HA-K0018Untitled25,5x17,5Tempera on papernoBerlin
HA-K001919,5x22,5" "circa 1994
HA-K0020Untitled19,5x29Oil pastel on paper
HA-K0021UnknownProbably acrylic on canvasyesUnknowncirca 1994Exhibition Orosima, Karditsa 1997/98
HA-K0022Orpheus Hymn (Orphikos Ymnos)150x100Oil on canvasPinacotheca KarditsaExhibition Orosima, Karditsa 1997/98. acquisition by the city 1999/2000
HA-K0023UntitledUnknownProbably acrylic on canvasyesUnknowncirca 1994
HA-K0024UntitledUnknown" "Exhibition Orosima, Karditsa 1997/98
HA-K0025Untitled70x50,5Acrylic on canvasnoGRcirca 1995
HA-K0026Untitled63x47Oil pastel on paper and hardboardnoScribing
HA-K0027UntitledUnknownMixed mediaUnknowncirca 1995
HA-K0028Untitled63x47Oil pastel on paper and hardboardnoGRScribing
HA-K0029Benthesikyme / Venthisikimi (Act Balance No 9)150x120Oil on canvasyesPinacotheca Karditsacirca 1995Exhibition Orosima, Karditsa 1997/98. acquisition by the city 1999/2000
HA-K0030Untitled65x55Acrylic on canvasyesGR
HA-K0031Untitled70x50,5Oil pastel on paper and hardboardnoGRcirca 1995
HA-K0032UntitledUnknownProbably acrylic on canvasyesUnknown
HA-K0033UntitledOil pastel on paper and hardboardyesUnknowncirca 1995
HA-K0034Untitled67,5x82,5 m frameOil pastel on grey cardboardyesGR
HA-K0035Untitled70x50Acrylic on canvasnoGRcirca 1995
HA-K0036Untitled14,3x18Tempera on papernostolen!Lost in the Martin-Gropius-Bau/Berlin spring 2021. Part of a portfolio
HA-K0037Untitled100x150Mixed media, non-wovenyesGRcirca 1995Counterpart for HA-K0038
HA-K0038Untitled" "Exhibition Orosima, Karditsa 1997/98. counterpart to HA-K0037
HA-K0039Attraction (Elksis) 100x150Mixed mediayesUnknowncirca 1995Exhibition Stavlos, Athens 1996.
HA-K0040UntitledUnknown" "yesUnknown
HA-K0041UntitledUnknownProbably acrylic on canvasyesUnknowncirca 1995Exhibition Orosima, Karditsa 1997/98
HA-K0042Untitled" "
HA-K0043Probably acrylic on canvasyesUnknowncirca 1995
HA-K0044Untitled20x15Collage, glossy paper, partly painted overyesAfter the first collages (Frühwerk, F
HA-K004520x15" "Unknowncirca 1995
HA-K0046Untitled21x15,5Collage, glossy paper, partly painted overnoBerlin
HA-K004718x16" "circa 1995
HA-K0048Untitled14,5x6Tempera on papernoBerlin
HA-K004916x12,5" "circa 1995
HA-K0050Untitled25x19,5Tempera on paperBerlin
HA-K005120x12,5" "circa 1995
HA-K0052Untitled20,5x14,5Tempera on papernoBerlincirca 1995
HA-K005323,5x17,2" "
HA-K0054I ptossi tis poiitikis sinkinisis100x150Oil pastel on paperPinacotheca Karditsa1988 HydraAcquisition by the city 1999/2000
HA-K0055Orestis112,5x82 m frame" " on hardboardyesGRcirca 1995Back: Title u F273
HA-K0056UnknownOil pastel on paperUnknown
HA-K0057Untitled100x150Oil/acrylic on canvasyesGRcirca 1992Back: "8 Sabaliotis Hydra"
HA-K0058Untitled120x175x3,2Oil pastel on paper and wooden boardyesGRcirca 1995
HA-K0059UnknownProbably oil pastel on paperUnknowncirca 1995
HA-K0060Untitled65x50Oil pastel on paper and hardboardnoGRScribing
HA-K0061Untitled65x50Oil pastel on paper and hardboardnoGRcirca 1995Scribing
HA-K006265x50" "
HA-K0063Untitled70x50Oil pastel on paper and hardboardnoGRcirca 1995
HA-K0064Untitled70x50" "no
HA-K006565x80 m frameOil pastel on wrapping paperyesGRcirca 1995
HA-K0066Untitled130x110x2Oil/acrylic on canvasyesGR
HA-K0067Untitled80x60Oil/acrylic on canvasyesGR
HA-K0068100x70Oil pastel on drawing cardboardyesScribing
HA-K0069Untitled70x100" "noGRcirca 1995
HA-K0070Untitled121x210Oil pastel on wrapping papernoGRcirca 1990see also K0013

Berlin I

BI-Al0001Cosmologia59x205Wooden object, mixed mediaYesBerlin1997 Berlin
BI-Al0002Morning thought I118x35Wooden object, mixed mediaYesUnknowncirca 1998First of a series of objects that go back to the very first "art experiments" of the 8-year-old village boy: fantastic musical instruments. See also series of works Geohistorima HA-G0020.
BI-Al0003Morning thought II97x32x1Wooden object, mixed mediaNoPrivate collection Berlin
BI-Al0004Morning thought III115x34x3Wooden object, mixed media, encausticBerlincirca 1998
BI-Al0005Morning thought IVWooden object, encaustic
BI-Al0006Morning Thought VUnknownWooden object, mixed media, encausticUnknowncirca 1998
BI-Al0007Morning Thought VI120x36x2Wooden object, mixed media, encausticNoBerlin
BI-Al0008Untitled81x15Wooden object, mixed media, encausticBerlincirca 1998
BI-Al0009Transmitter and Receiver200x125x17 and 146x40x30Installation of two sculptures, mixed mediaPinacotheca KarditsaExhibition Allegories, Larissa 1999. acquisition by the city 1999/2000
BI-Al0010UntitledUnknownInstallation, mixed mediaUnknowncirca 1998
BI-Al0011Untitled160x110x8Wooden object, mixed mediaNoBerlin
BI-Al0012StelaeStele center and left, mixed mediaUnknowncirca 1998
BI-Al0013Stele A220x30x4Mixed mediaNoBerlin
BI-Al0014Stele B215x20x8Foam, mixed media, saltNoBerlincirca 1998
BI-Al0015Allegory65x65x30Foam, mixed mediaNoUnknown2000 Berlin
BI-Al0016UntitledUnknownFoam, mixed media
BI-Al0017UntitledFoam, mixed mediaNoUnknown2000 Berlin
BI-Al0018Everyday PoemsFoam, mixed media
BI-Al0019Untitled Foam, mixed mediaNoUnknown2000 Berlin
BI-Al0020Allegory II105x100x4Mixed media on wood, honeycombBerlin1997 BerlinExhibition Allegories, Larissa 1999. Exhibition Kesselhausmuseum, Berlin 2004.
BI-Al0021Europeiafricaamericaustralia90x39,5Wooden object, mixed mediaYesGRaround 2000Signature barely legible
BI-Al0022UntitledEach approx 80x30two wooden objectsNoScribing
BI-Al0023Untitled55x30x3Wooden object, mixed mediaNoGRaround 2000
BI-Al0024Salt of LifeUnknownSalt, mixed mediaUnknown
BI-Al0025Orismos120x100x8Wood, mixed media, encausticYesUnknownaround 2000
BI-Al0026Middle100x105x5Wood, salt, mixed media, encausticNoPrivate collection Lüneburg
BI-Al0027Phenomenon D/Evrimas28x45Wood, mixed media, encausticYesGRaround 2000Relief, incised technique. Signed with full name on the back, drawing of an ideogram.
BI-Al0028Untitled Diameter 84Mixed media on woodYesBerlin1999 Berlin
BI-Al0029Untitled Diameter 34Mixed media on woodYesBerlin2001 Berlin
BI-Al0030Orfikos Ymnos II40x40x2wood, mixed media, encausticNoUnknownaround 2000Exhibition Ichni apo tin fissi, Karditsa 2003. Illustration in the article of the same name Th. Nikolaou.
BI-Al0031Untitled UnknownOil pastel on paper and hardboardYesUnknownaround 2000The first work with increased attention to scriptural art and "scriptural series" that are part of the work. Series continues until Al0042.
BI-Al0032Untitled UnknownOil pastel on paper and hardboard
BI-Al0033Untitled UnknownOil pastel on paper and hardboardUnknownaround 2000
BI-Al0034Untitled Oil pastel on paper and hardboard
BI-Al0035Untitled UnknownOil pastel on paper and hardboardYesUnknownaround 2000
BI-Al0036Untitled Oil pastel and pencil on paper
BI-Al0037Untitled 48x29Oil pastel and pencil on paperNoBerlinaround 2000
BI-Al0038Attraction IV70x50Oil pastel on paper and hardboardYesUnknownExhibition Metaplaseis, Aveyron 2006
BI-Al0039Untitled 82x62" " "YesPrivate mlg Brandenburgaround 2000
BI-Al0040Untitled 70x50Oil pastel on paper and hardboardGR
BI-Al0041Untitled UnknownOil pastel on paperUnknownaround 2000
BI-Al0042Study Historia49,5x64,5Oil pastel on cardboardNoBerlinStudy of a rather unusual series of three works, apparently inspired by drawings of so-called primordial birds.
BI-Al0043Historia II50x64,5Oil pastel on paperYesBerlinaround 2000Scribing
BI-Al0044Historia III29x39" "YesBerlin
BI-Al0045Chrism A121x80x3,5Canvas, Wood, Oilpastel, EncausticNoBerlinaround 2000Two-part wall piece with different approaches to the symbol - linear and abstract.
BI-Al0046Chrismos B" " "
BI-Al0047Untitled 65x55x2Acrylic on canvasYesBerlinaround 2000Scribing
BI-Al0048Foresight60x40Tempera on paper, bwYesBerlinCollage, incised technique. Two paper sheets put together.
BI-Al0049Vision II83x40" "around 2000Two composite paper. On the back, volatile sketches.
BI-Al0050Untitled 37x15" ", acrylic, bwNoBerlinRemains of a paper collage that has been removed again.
BI-Al0051Vision III40x60" " ", swaround 2000Two composite paper
BI-Al0052Untitled 42x30Tempera and acrylic on paperBerlinaround 2000
BI-Al0053Everyday Poem II24x21Tempera on paperYesBerlin1999 Berlin
BI-Al0054Alpha Vita40x40x4Tempera, pencil, encaustic on canvasYesBerlincirca 1998
BI-Al0055Untitled 21x14,5Tempera, ink pen on paperNoaround 2000
BI-Al0056Tempera, ink pen on paperBerlin
BI-Al0057Vision IV29,5x21Tempera , silver on paperaround 2000Above the animal back capital letters, painted over with opaque white.
BI-Al0058Kalitechniko Varos/Artistic Load23,5x18,3Tempera on paperNoBerlinOne of the few works with its own handwritten text.
BI-Al0059Untitled 42x30Collage, oil and acrylic on paperaround 2000
BI-Al0060Untitled Tempera and acrylic on paperNoBerlin
BI-Al0061Untitled 41x30Collage, oil and acrylic on paperaround 2000Scribing
BI-Al0062Berlin stands on its head40x30Tempera and acrylic on paperNoBerlin
BI-Al0063Berlin32x24Tempera, inkpen, pastel on paperaround 2000
BI-Al0064Berlin II29,5x21Tempera and pastel on paperNoBerlinOn the back pen drawing of a couple.
BI-Al0065Berlin III23x19Tempera and pencil on paperNoBerlinaround 2000
BI-Al0066Berlin IV42x30Tempera and pencil on paper
BI-Al0067Berlin V21x16,5Tempera and inkpen on paperNoBerlinaround 2000
BI-Al0068Untitled 12,5x17,5Tempera on paperNo
BI-Al0069Untitled 13,5x21Tempera and oil pastel on paperBerlinaround 2000
BI-Al0070Untitled 16x22Tempera and oil pastel on paperNoScribing
BI-Al0071Untitled 10,5x14,5Tempera and inkpen on paperBerlinaround 2000
BI-Al0072Untitled 17,5x25Tempera and pencil on paperNo
BI-Al0073Untitled 21x14,5Tempera, oil pastel and inkpen on paperBerlinaround 2000
BI-Al0074Bird/Pouli25x25Tempera on paperNo
BI-Al0075Untitled 20,8x14,7Tempera on paperBerlinaround 2000
BI-Al0076Encounters/Sinantissi105x115Oil on canvasYesPinacotheca, Karditsa1997 BerlinExhibition Kunstpreis Wesseling 1997. Acquisition by the city of Karditsa 1999/2000.
BI-Al0077Allote Thalassa150x105Mixed mediaPinacotheca, Karditsa" "Acquisition by the city 1999/2000
BI-Al0078Untitled 99x150x2Acrylic on canvasNoBerlinaround 2000
BI-Al0079Untitled 70x100Oil pastel on paper and hardboardYesGRScribing
BI-Al0080Glyphs I38x30x4Paper collage on canvasNoBerlinaround 2000
BI-Al0081Glyphs II40x40x4Canvas, mixed media, ink, encausticInspired by the Bronze Age Phaistos Disc discovered on Crete.
BI-Al0083Glyphs III100x150x2Oil and acrylic on canvasNoBerlinaround 2000
BI-Al0084Glyphs IV120x150x2Acrylic on canvasNoBerlin
BI-Al0085Untitled70x60Oil/acrylic on canvasGRaround 2000Scribing
BI-Al008650x60Oil/acrylic on canvasNoScribing
BI-Al0087Sound43x61Oil pastel on grey paper,bwNoBerlinaround 2000
BI-Al0088Untitled49x34Oil pastel on paperNoBerlinScribing
BI-Al0089Untitled65x50Oil pastel on paper, black and whitearound 2000
BI-Al0090Etude I50x37Oil on cardboardNoBerlinCardboard is heavily greased through
BI-Al0091Etude II39,5x29,8Oil /acrylic on oil paperaround 2000Scribing
BI-Al0092Etude III24x18Oil /acrylic on oil paperNoBerlin
BI-Al0093Etude IVUnknownUnknownYesUnknownaround 2000Probably older work from the mid-1990s, revised around 2000.
BI-Al0094Etude V49x34Oil pastel on paperNoBerlin
BI-Al0095Grammes/Lines A63x47Oil pastel on paperYesBerlinaround 2000
BI-Al0096Grammes/Lines BOil pastel on paper
BI-Al0097Grammes/Lines G40x30Oil/acrylic on oil paperBerlinaround 2000
BI-Al0098Grammes/Lines DOil/acrylic on oil paperNo
BI-Al0099Grammes/Lines E24x18Oil/acrylic on oil paperBerlinaround 2000
BI-Al0100UntitledOil/acrylic on oil paperNo
BI-Al0101Untitled21x13Tempera and oil pastel on paperNoBerlinaround 2000
BI-Al010220,5x14,7Tempera and oil pastel on paper
BI-Al010321x15,5Tempera and oil pastel on paperNoBerlinaround 2000
BI-Al0104Kima (Wave A)63x26Oil and acrylic on canvasnoBerlin
BI-Al0105Kima (Wave B) Oil and acrylic on canvasaround 2000
BI-Al0106Untitled29,5x21Acrylic on cardboardnoBerlinScribing
BI-Al0107Untitled36,5x25,8Oil and acrylic on cardboardaround 2000
BI-Al0108Untitled36,8x26Acrylic on cardboardnoBerlin
BI-Al0109Genesis37x25,5Oil and acrylic on cardboardyesBerlinaround 2000
BI-Al0110Genesis II85x64,5x2Oil and acrylic on canvasno
BI-Al0111Genesis III70x50Oil/acrylic on canvasGRaround 2000
BI-Al0112Untitled25x25Tempera on papernoBerlin
BI-Al0113Untitled24x18Oil and acrylic on cardboardaround 2000Scribing
BI-Al0114Untitled20,5x16Tempera on papernoBerlin
BI-Al0115Topos A50,5x29Oil and acrylic on canvasaround 2000
BI-Al0116Topos B50x29Oil and acrylic on canvasnoBerlin
BI-Al0117Untitled70x50x3Mixed media on non-wovenyesGRaround 2000Signed lower right vertically. Last work with non woven.
BI-Al0118Untitled29,5x47,5Oil pastel on paperaround 2000Scribing
BI-Al0119Untitled31x47,5Oil pastel on papernoBerlin
BI-Al0120Untitled59,5x44Oil pastel on cardboardnoBerlinaround 2000Scribing
BI-Al0121Untitled65,5x48Oil pastel on paper on hardboardGR
BI-Al0122Untitled43,5x34Oil pastel on paper on hardboard, black and white noBerlinaround 2000
BI-Al0123Untitled49,5x65Oil pastel on paper on hardboard, black and white One corner slightly torn
BI-Al0124Sitting25x32Oil pastel on black toner papernoBerlinaround 2000Scribing
BI-Al0125Untitled25x32,5Oil pastel on black toner paperPaper torn at the top right
BI-Al0126Untitled23,5x34,5Oil pastel on papernoBerlinaround 2000top right corner torn off, several tears at the bottom
BI-Al0127Song of the Whale29,5x38Oil pastel on paperScribing
BI-Al0128Untitled50x70Acrylic on canvasnoGRaround 2000
BI-Al0129Untitled70x100Oil/acrylic on canvasno
BI-Al013070x50GRaround 2000
BI-Al013175,5x58,5 m frameOil pastel on paper and hardboardyes
BI-Al0132Untitled85x65x2Oil/acrylic on canvasyesBerlinaround 2000
BI-Al0133Honeycomb80x35x32Cardboard, mixed medianoBerlinArchitectural sculpture with ideogram.
BI-Al0134Untitled190x37x20Mixed media, salt, encausticaround 2000On the front of the stelae, an object originally from the Living in space series is integrated: BI-lis0010.
BI-Al0135Sybil185x45x35Mixed media, salt, encausticnoBerlin2004After the prophetesses of Greek mythology called Sybil, who foretold the future. The integrated ideogram is the frequently used "iero" = holy.
BI-Al0136UntitledDiameter 40 cmWood relief, mixed media, saltnoGRaround 2000
BI-Al0137Untitled46x41x5Wooden panel with non-woven fabric, mixed medianoGRaround 2000Assemblage with nonwoven
BI-Al0138Untitled70x50Pencil on paper, collagenoGR" "
BI-Al0139Oil pastel on paper on hardboard
BI-Al0140Cherry Blossoms60x50,5Oil on canvasnoGRcirca 1998Scribing
Living in space
BI-lis0001HarvestsmallWooden object, mixed mediaUnknowncirca1999
BI-lis0002DetailsmallWooden object, mixed media, glassUnknown
BI-lis0003Dolphins20x24,5Wooden object, mixed media, encausticnoGRcirca1999
BI-lis0004UntitledWood, mixed mediaUnknown
BI-lis0005Untitled30x19x3Plant parts, mixed mediacirca1999
BI-lis0006Fall " "Flowers, encaustic on woodnoBerlinBottom right corner damaged
BI-lis0007Transmitter B48x18x10Mixed mediaUnknown1999
BI-lis0008Receiver24x18x7Cigar box, feather, encausticnoBerlin2000Exhibition Fürstenwald 2002, illustration in the catalogue Miniatur in der Bildenden Kunst. Boundless-Endless.
BI-lis0009Living in space F120x40x30Wood, salt, matches, mixed mediaUnknowncirca1999
BI-lis0010Untitled15x8x2Paper, aluminium, mixed medianoBerlincirca1999Object was later integrated into the stele BI-Al0134.
BI-lis0011UntitledsmallMixed mediaUnknown
BI-lis0012UntitledMixed media, featherscirca1999
BI-lis0013Living in space E23x35x6Mixed media, salt, skate eggnoBerlinAlso under the title Living in space C. See also lis0016.
BI-lis0014UntitledsmallMixed mediaUnknowncirca1999
BI-lis0015UntitledMixed media, matchsticks, feathers
BI-lis0016Living in space E/Part two46x38Oil pastel on paper, black and whitenoBerlincirca 1999See also lis0013. Scoring technique
BI-lis0017Living in space C150x100Mixed media, encaustic on woodyesUnknown
BI-lis0018Untitled14,5x21Tempera and ink pen on papernoBerlincirca1999
BI-lis0020Spray13x10Tempera and oil pastel on papernoBerlincirca1999
BI-lis0021Blue dove15x10 Tempera and oil pastel on paper
BI-lis0022Fire A39,5x30Oil/acrylic on cardboardnoBerlincirca1999
BI-lis0023Fire B30x24Oil/acrylic on cardboard
BI-lis0024Fire C70x50Oil pastel on cardboardnoBerlincirca1999
BI-lis0025Deep blue I20,5x14,5Tempera on paper
BI-lis0026Deep blue II10x12,5Tempera on papernoBerlincirca1999
BI-lis0027Epreuve A12,5x19,8Watercolor on paper
BI-lis0028Epreuve BWatercolor on papernoBerlincirca1999
BI-lis0029Variation Red A22x19,5Tempera and watercolor on paperaround 2000
BI-lis0030Variation Red B24,8x19,8Tempera and watercolor on papernoBerlin
BI-lis0031Variation Red C24,5x20Tempera and watercolor on paperaround 2000
BI-lis0032Variation Red D24,7x19,7Tempera and watercolor on papernoBerlin
BI-lis0033Swing and Form I29,5x21Tempera and watercolor on paperaround 2000
BI-lis0034Variation Red E22x21Tempera and watercolor on papernoBerlin
BI-lis0035Swing and Form II29,5x21Tempera and watercolor on paperaround 2000
BI-lis0036Variation Red F29,5x20,5Tempera and watercolor on papernoBerlin
BI-lis0037 " " G22x21Tempera and watercolor on paperaround 2000
BI-lis0038Variation Red FTempera and watercolor on papernoBerlin
BI-lis0039" " J29,5x21Tempera and watercolor on paperaround 2000
BI-lis0040Swing and Form IIIUnknownTempera and watercolor on paperUnknown
BI-lis0041" " IV29,5x21Tempera and watercolor on papernoBerlinaround 2000
BI-lis0042Greek Homage to Friedrich Schillereach 10x22Tempera on papernoBerlinA total of 4 related works on paper, each consisting of collages of 3 pieces of paper. Hommage A, B, C, D.For the competition of the same name of the BBK Schwaben-Nord 2003.
BI-lis0043Variation Red K29,5x21Tempera on paperaround 2000
BI-lis0044" " L22x21Tempera on papernoBerlin
BI-lis0045Variation Red K29x20,5Tempera on paperaround 2000
BI-lis0046" " N28x20,5Tempera on papernoBerlin
BI-lis0047Swing and Shape V29x21Tempera and watercolour on paperaround 2000
BI-lis0048Variation Red O29x21Tempera on papernoBerlin
BI-lis0049Swing and Form VI29,5x20,5Tempera and watercolour on paperaround 2000
BI-lis0050Living in space B100x45x5Mixed media, encaustic on woodUnknownAlso under the title Mikrokosmos.
BI-lis0051Living in space H40x120Mixed media, encaustic on woodaround 2000
BI-lis0052Living in space G20x15x3Mixed media, ammonite, encausticnoBerlin
BI-lis0053Untitled32x19x4Wax, mixed media on woodaround 2000
BI-lis0054Greek island14x21x6Wood, SaltnoBerlinThe object was part of a room installation.
BI-lis0055Untitled30x30x3Mixed media, wasps nestnoBerlinaround 2000Possibly also under the title Living in space B.
BI-lis0056Untitled30x30x3Mixed media, sunflower, matchsticksnoaround 2000
BI-lis0057Untitled20x20x3Mixed media, encausticBerlin
BI-lis0058Untitled30x35x7Mixed media, sponge, wooden drawernoaround 2000
BI-lis0059Untitled28x23x2Mixed media, encaustic on wood, pen and inkBerlin
BI-lis0060Untitled20x35x3Mixed media, encausticnoBerlinaround 2000Two recessed wooden boxes with natural materials, assembled.
BI-lis0061Untitled40x30x2Mixed media, encaustic
BI-lis0062UntitledUnknownMixed media, mushroomUnknownaround 2000
BI-lis0063Phenomenon II100x70Wood, sand, grainUnknown
BI-lis0064Untitled40x40x3Carpet, photonoBerlinaround 2000The object was an invitation flyer for the Open Studios Treptower Park 2000.
BI-lis0065Untitled46x34x4Honeycomb, mixed media, encausticnoOne of the first works that already anticipates Kypseles later series of works from 2006.
BI-lis0066Untitled100x60x4Mixed media, pen, wax on woodyesBerlinaround 2000Exhibition Galerie im Körnerpark, Berlin 2008.
BI-lis0067Tributeeach24x18x4Collage on canvas, encausticExhibition Galerie im Körnerpark, Berlin 2008. The work consists of two firmly identical canvases.
BI-lis0068Untitled30x30x3Mixed media on wood, copper, encausticnoBerlinaround 2000assemblage, scribing technique
BI-Id0001Untitled46x75,5Oil pastel on paper, black and whitenoBerlincirca 1999Two compound leaves.
BI-Id0002Oil pastel on paper, black and white" "
BI-Id0003Untitled33x40Oil pastel on paper, black and whitenoBerlincirca 1999
BI-Id0004Untitled29x32Oil pastel on paper
BI-Id000527,5x25Oil pastel on papernoBerlincirca 1999
BI-Id0006Untitled70x50Oil pastel on paper, black and whiteScribing
BI-Id0007Untitled37,5x50,5Oil pastel on papernoBerlincirca 1999Incised technique. Left edge torn several times.
BI-Id0008Untitled49,5x34,5Oil pastel on paper, black and whiteyesSignature overpainted but recognizable, bottom left corner damaged.
BI-Id0009Untitled32x35Oil pastel on papernoBerlincirca 1999
BI-Id0010Untitled37,5x50,5Oil pastel on papernoBerlinUpper corners damaged.
BI-Id0011Untitled35x48Oil pastel on paper, black and whiteyesBerlincirca 1999Exhibition Retrospective Luxembourg 2014
BI-Id0012Untitled45x42Oil pastel on paperaround 2000Scribing
BI-Id0013Untitled42,5x57Oil pastel on brown papernoBerlin
BI-Id0014Kyklades45x62,5Oil pastel on papernoBerlinaround 2000Incised technique. On the back handwritten note: Kyklades 1000 20%.
BI-Id0015Untitled47,5x63Oil pastel on paperyesSignature overpainted but recognizable
BI-Id0016Air I64,5x50Oil pastel on paper, black and whitenoBerlinaround 2000Design of the logo for Air Ambulance. Scratch technique.
BI-Id0017Air II48x33Oil pastel on paper" ". Incised technique. On the back, an older diprosopo figure is still visible and a handwritten note: Name 500 10%.
BI-Id0018Air III65x50Oil pastel on papernoBerlinaround 2000Design of the logo for Air Ambulance. Stylized figure without background.
BI-Id0019Water I60x60x5mixed media on wood, honeycomb, encausticnoBerlinCollage, assemblage with honeycomb
BI-Id0020Water II50x50x4,5Mixed media on wood, silver leaf, encausticyesaround 2000Assemblage with silver leaf
BI-Id0021Water III50x50x4,5Mixed media on wood, silver leaf, encausticnoUnknownAssemblage
BI-Id0022Water IVUnknownMixed mediaUnknownaround 2000Assemblage
BI-Id0023Water VUnknownMixed Media, wooden object
BI-Id0024UntitledDiameter 27Paper collage, tempera, pencilnoBerlinaround 2000
BI-Id0025Berlin61x60,5x4Paper collage, mixed media on canvas, encausticnoBerlinIdeogram on a drawing of a dome part Reichstag Berlin
BI-Id0026Untitled50x50x4Mixed media, salt, encaustic on woodnoPrivate LGaround 2000Assemblage
BI-Id0027UntitledUnknownMixed mediayesUnknownSignature is carved under the ideogram. Incised technique. Assemblage
BI-Id0028UntitledUnknownMixed mediaUnknownaround 2000Assemblage
BI-Id0029Phenomenon I82,5x56Acrylic on wood, collagenoGR1999Assemblage. On the back side written note: "Phänomen I", Berlin 99.
BI-Id0030Iero A35x70Oil pastel on cardboardnoBerlinaround 2000Scribing
BI-Id0031Iero B33x47Oil pastel on paperyesBerlinScribing
BI-Id0032Elements I66x81,5 m frameOil pastel on paperyesGRaround 2000
BI-Id0033Mesogeios D50x65x4Paper on wood, oil pastelyesBerlinScribing
BI-Id0034Elements II44,5x60Oil pastel on paperyesBerlinaround 2000
BI-Id0035UntitledUnknownMixed media on canvasyesUnknownExhibition Körnerpark, Berlin 2008. assemblage
BI-Id0036Kima (Wave) 39x37,5x4Mixed media on canvasnoBerlinaround 2000Assemblage
BI-Id0037Untitled34x24x4Mixed media, aluminium and encaustic on canvasnoBerlinAssemblage
BI-Id0038Phenomenon60x60x4mixed media, encaustic on canvasnoPrivate LGaround 2000Assemblage
BI-Id0039UntitledUnknownVermtl tempera and pencil on paperyesUnknown
BI-Id0040Iero - Object75x150x5Mixed media, newsprintnoBerlinaround 2000Exhibition Kesselhausmuseum Berlin 2003. Exhibition Hydra, Archive Museum 2004.
BI-Id0041Elements objectUnknownMixed media, newsprintUnknown
BI-Id0042UntitledUnknownWooden object, acrylicUnknownaround 2002
BI-Id0043Homecoming to Kythera - Object107x150x8Mixed medianoBerlin
BI-Id0044Gnothi s’afton (Know Thyself)100x150x4mixed media, encaustic on canvasnoGRaround 2002An unusual work that makes the honeycomb the bearer of the Iero symbol and links it to the saying of Heraclitus in text form. Exhibition Kesselhausmuseum Berlin 2003.
BI-Id0045Mesogeios IUnknownProbably paper collage on oil pastelUnknownId 0045 and 0046 served as a picture template for the Open Day December 2002.
BI-Id0046Mesogeios IIUnknownProbably paper collage on oil pastelUnknownaround 2002
BI-Id0047Mesogeios63,5x80 m frameOil pastel on paperyesGR
BI-Id0048Mesogeios EUnknownMixed media, AlumniumUnknownaround 2002Assemblage
BI-Id0049Phenomenon A60x60x3Encaustic on canvas, aluminiumnoBerlinAssemblage with aluminium ideogram elements.
BI-Id0050Untitled100x50Encaustic on aluminiumUnknownaround 2002Assemblage with a kind of labyrinth ornament made of aluminum.
BI-Id0051Untitled50x50x5Encaustic and aluminum on HolrnoBerlin" "
BI-Id0052UntitledUnknownEncaustic and aluminium on canvasUnknownaround 2002Assemblage with aluminium ideogram elements on a kind of mosaic.
BI-Id0053Phenomenon B120x120Encaustic and aluminium on woodUnknownAssemblage
BI-Id0054UntitledUnknownEncaustic and aluminium on woodUnknownaround 2002
BI-Id0055Phenomenon E40x40Encaustic and aluminium on canvasyesUnknownAssemblage
BI-Id0056Phenomenon CEncaustic and aluminium on canvasyesaround 2002
BI-Id0057Enigma40x40x3,5Encaustic and aluminium on canvasnoBerlinAssemblage
BI-Id0058Movement/Kinisi60x40x3,5Encaustic on woodyesaround 2002
BI-Id0059Mesogeios L60x60x4,5Encaustic on woodyesBerlinAssemblage
BI-Id0060Untitled41x41x4,5Encaustic on woodnoBerlinaround 2002
BI-Id0061Elements80x100x3Mixed media, honeycomb, waxBerlincirca 2004
BI-Id0062Untitled40x60x4Mixed media on wood, encausticyesGR2007Assemblage, dated 07
BI-Id0063Ship21 cmAcrylic and encaustic on cardboardnoGRTemplate
BI-Id0064Ship B21 cmMixed medianoGRObject, full sculpture
BI-Id0065Ta panta38x98x3Gold leaf, mixed media on woodyesGRAssemblageTitle on front: Ta panta rei, ODYSSEAS
BI-Ph0001Untitled41x30Acrylic on papernoBerlinaround 2002
BI-Ph0002Untitled24x18Oil/acrylic on oil paperScribing
BI-Ph0003Untitled21x14,5Tempera and silver paint, ink pen on papernoBerlinaround 2002
BI-Ph0004Untitled40x30Oil/acrylic on paper
BI-Ph0005Untitled35,5x26,5Oil pastel on papernoBerlinaround 2002
BI-Ph0006Nike41,5x30Oil pastel on paperIncised technique. Above torn u glued.
BI-Ph0007Mermaid70x50Oil pastel on papernoBerlinaround 2002Scoring technique.
BI-Ph0008Untitled37x26Oil/ acrylic on cardboard
BI-Ph000938,5x28Oil pastel on papernoBerlinaround 2002
BI-Ph0011Line/Grammi kokkino I60x50,5Acrylic on canvasnoGRaround 2002
BI-Ph0012" " II55x50Oil/ acrylic on canvasnoBerlinExhibition Asklepion, Berlin 2015
BI-Ph0013Untitled100x70Acrylic on canvasGRaround 2002
BI-Ph001485x65x2Oil/ acrylic on canvasnoBerlin
BI-Ph0015Aera71x34,5x12Mixed media, encausticnoGRaround 2002Sculpture
BI-Ph0016Think-PauseUnknownMixed mediaUnknownSculpture, in different variations as room installationPh0016-0020
BI-Ph0017" " IMixed mediaaround 2002" "
BI-Ph0018" " IIUnknownMixed mediaUnknown" "
BI-Ph0019" " IIIMixed mediaaround 2002" "
BI-Ph0020" " IVUnknownMixed mediaUnknown" "
BI-Ph0021Tachiteron olon o nousUnknownMixed mediaaround 2002Assemblage, part of room installation Ph0018+0019
BI-Ph0022Ouroberos IMixed mediaUnknownRound object
BI-Ph0023" IIUnknownMixed mediaaround 2002" "
BI-Ph0024" IIIMixed mediaUnknown" "
BI-Ph0025" IVUnknownMixed media, honeycombaround 2002" ", part room installation
BI-Ph0026Untitledthrough m 29Object, mixed medianoGR
BI-Ph0027Bird of Prophecy90x80x25Mixed medianoBerlinaround 2002Exhibition Kesselhausmuseum, Berlin 2003. Exhibition Körnerpark, Berlin 2008.
BI-Ph0028Line/Grammi kokkino III100x100x2Oil, acrylic, oil pastel on canvasnoBerlinExhibition Asklepion, Berlin 2015.
BI-Ph0029Untitled150x100Acrylic on canvasyesGRaround 2002Incised technique. Signature back, 10 Siampaliotis
BI-Ph0030The Grand Bleu75x91x5Soft fiber, mixed media on woodyesBerlin
BI-Ph0031Line/Grammi kokkino IV36,5x26Acrylic on cardboardnoBerlinaround 2002Scribing
BI-Ph0032Line/Grammi kokkino V36x20Oil/ acrylic on canvasnoBerlin
BI-Ph0033Birthday37x20Oil/ acrylic on canvasyesBerlinaround 2002On the back handwritten note of the artist
BI-Ph0034Untitled39,7x30Oil/ acrylic on oil papernoBerlinScribing
BI-Ph0035Untitled39,5x36,5Oil pastel on papernoBerlinaround 2002Incised technique. Edge irregularly trimmed.
BI-Ph0036Grande Rouge150x150x2Acrylic on canvasnoBerlin
BI-Ph0037Epreuve blanc-noir A47x63Oil pastel on paper, black and whitearound 2002
BI-Ph0038Epreuve blanc-noir BOil pastel on paper, black and whitenoBerlin
BI-Ph0039Epreuve bleu47,5x31,5Oil pastel on paperaround 2002Scribing
BI-Ph0040Nuance blanc-noir A45x63Oil pastel on paper, black and whitenoBerlinProbably older work from the early eighties reworked.
BI-Ph0041Nuance blanc-noir B48x66Oil pastel on paper, black and whitearound 2002" " "
BI-Ph0042Nuance blanc-noir COil pastel on paper, black and whitenoBerlin" " "
BI-Ph0043Epreuve blanc-noir C63x48Oil pastel on paper, black and whitearound 2002Scribing
BI-Ph0044Epreuve blanc-noir D47x37Oil pastel on paper, black and whitenoBerlin
BI-Ph0045Untitled24,5x32Oil pastel on paperaround 2002
BI-Ph0046Untitled47,5x63Oil pastel on grey cardboardnoBerlinScribing
BI-Ph0047Portrait Transformation29,5x17,5Oil pastel on papernoBerlinaround 2002Probably older work from the eighties, reworked.
BI-Ph0048Portrait Transformation II29,5x24,5Oil pastel on paper" " ". Scribing technology
BI-Ph0049Nuance Rouge47x20Oil pastel on papernoBerlinaround 2002
BI-Ph0050Nuance Rouge II63x45Oil pastel on paperProbably older work from the eighties, newly revised. On the back side drawing of a female nude. Incised technique
BI-Ph0051Nuance Rouge III80,5x23,5Oil /acrylic on woodnoGRaround 2002
BI-Ph0052Untitled21x15Tempera on papernoPrivate collection Finland
BI-Ph0053UntitledUnknownOil pastel on paperUnknownaround 2002
BI-Ph0054Untitled40x30Oil/acrylic on papernoBerlin
BI-Ph0055UntitledUnknownMixed mediaUnknownaround 2002Object, room installation. Exhibition Kesselhausmuseum 2003
BI-Ph0056Untitled" "
BI-Ph0057SnailsMixed medianoUnknown2003Multi-part room installation consisting of a multitude of objects. Exhibition Kesselhausmuseum, Berlin 2003.
BI-Ph0058Passage of TimenoUnknown2003Multi-part room installation consisting of a multitude of objects. Exhibition Kesselhausmuseum, Berlin 2003.
BI-Ph0059UntitledUnknownMixed mediaUnknownaround 2002Sculpture. Presented with Ph0057.
BI-Ph0060River of Time IIno2003Multi-part room installation consisting of a multitude of objects. Exhibition Kesselhausmuseum, Berlin 2003.
BI-Ph0061RingsUnknownMixed medianoUnknownaround 2002Sculpture. Presented with Ph0057.
BI-Ph0061A" (detail) "" "
BI-Ph0062oTUnknownMixed mediaUnknownaround 2002Sculpture, multi-part room installation. Exhibition Kesselhausmuseum 2003
BI-Ph0063Object, room installation. Exhibition Kesselhausmuseum 2003
BI-Ph0064Mesogeios Alpha100x40x12Mixed medianoBerlinaround 2003Sculpture. Compare also BII-K0024, Mesogeios Omega. Work series Kypseles.
BI-Ph0065Untitled15,3x17,6Oil pastel on papernoBerlin
BI-Ph0066Untitled18x14Tempera u oil pastel on papernoaround 2003
BI-Ph0068Untitled50x70Oil pastel on grey cardboard, black and whitenoBerlinaround 2003Scribing
BI-Ph0069Untitled60x42Oil pastel on paper
BI-Ph007040x30Oil/acrylic on papernoBerlinaround 2003
BI-Ph0071Oil/acrylic on paper
BI-Ph0072Notes42x30Oil pastel on paper, black and whitenoBerlinaround 2003Exceptional work of the artist, combining the incised and mezzotint technique.
BI-Ph0073Notes II63x47Oil pastel on paper, black and white
BI-Ph0074Notes III46x38Oil pastel on paper, black and whitenoBerlinaround 2003Exceptional work of the artist, combining the incised and mezzotint technique.
BI-Ph0075Blessed earth42x30Oil pastel on paperno" " "
BI-Ph0076Jeu A90x65x2Oil/acrylic on canvasnoBerlinaround 2003
BI-Ph0077Jeu B69,5x49,5Oil pastel on orange cardboardScribing
BI-Ph0078Jeu G70x50Oil pastel on papernoBerlinaround 2003
BI-Ph0079Jeu D65x55x1,5Acrylic on canvasno
BI-Ph0080Jeu E70x55x1,5Acrylic on canvasBerlinaround 2003
BI-Ph0081Jeu H75x90,5Oil/ acrylic on canvasnoGR
BI-Ph0082Jeu M70x55x1,5Oil/acrylic on canvasBerlinaround 2003
BI-Ph0083Untitled70x100Acrylic on woodnoGR
BI-Ph0084Change100x120x2Acrylic, mixed media on canvasyesBerlinaround 2003Exhibition Asklepion, Berlin 2015.
BI-Ph0085UntitledbigProbably acrylic on canvasyesUnknown
BI-Ph0086Probably acrylic on canvasaround 2003
BI-Ph0087UntitledProbably acrylic on canvasUnknown
BI-Ph0088Andante149x99x2,5Oil/acrylic on canvasyesBerlinaround 2005
BI-Min0001Untitled15x21Pigment on paper, black and white noBerlincirca 1999
BI-Min000215x10Pigment on paper, black and white
BI-Min0003Untitled10,5x14,7Pigment on paper, black and white noBerlincirca 1999
BI-Min000415x21Pigment on paper, black and white Scribing
BI-Min0005Untitled20x12Pigment on paper, black and white noBerlincirca 1999
BI-Min0006Pigment on paper, black and white
BI-Min0007Untitled15x21Pigment on paper, black and white noBerlincirca 1999
BI-Min0008Pigment on paper, black and white
BI-Min0009Untitled8,7x16,5Pigment on paper, black and white noBerlincirca 1999Scribing
BI-Min001020,8x14,7Pigment on paper, black and white
BI-Min0011Untitled11,5x15Pigment on paper, black and white noBerlincirca 1999Scribing
BI-Min001228x10,5Pigment on paper
BI-Min0013Untitled27x25Pigment on grey cardboard, black and whitenoBerlincirca 1999
BI-Min001425x29Pigment on grey cardboard, black and white
BI-Min0015Untitled27x26Pigment on grey cardboard, black and whitenoBerlincirca 1999
BI-Min001627x25Pigment on grey cardboard, black and white
BI-Min0017Untitled25x28Pigment on grey cardboard, black and whitenoBerlincirca 1999
BI-Min0018Flight50x61Pigment on grey cardboardnoBerlinaround 2000Paper object, cut out.
BI-Min0019Untitled26x34Pigment and acrylic on grey cardboard
BI-Min002031x25Pigment and acrylic on grey cardboardnoBerlinaround 2000
BI-Min0021Untitled30x25Pigment and acrylic on grey cardboard
BI-Min002234x26Pigment and acrylic on grey cardboardnoBerlinaround 2000
BI-Min0023Untitled25x31Pigment and acrylic on grey cardboard
BI-Min002417x12Pigment and acrylic on grey cardboardnoBerlinaround 2000