Pantelis Sabaliotis, Greek artist from Thessaly and cosmopolitan, died in October 2011, almost exactly 10 years ago. Torn from the middle of life, much too early. Nevertheless he left behind a rich, very complex and unusually diverse oeuvre from 40 years of intensive artistic activity. A blazing flame, extinguished early. As if he suspected that his time was limited.
For the people he met, who were friends with him, companions, family and many who visited his exhibitions he will not be forgotten. He was a special person, an artist from the depths of his soul, who loved the sea and music, a philosopher, a visionary.

Not only in Greece, but also in Germany, Sweden, France, Finland and worldwide you will find works by him in living and working spaces. They provide light and color, a stimulus for thought, a little sparkle of infinity. You not only live with his works, they also open the world of dreams, new dimensions …
Just like the “Ouranios Podilatis”, the winged cyclist, who has been the city coat of arms of Karditsa since summer 2020, the political and central part of central Greece. In Thessaly, once the home of the legendary Centaurs.

We invite you to go on a journey with us. In the footsteps of Pantelis Sabaliotis. From his childhood under poorest conditions in the countryside to his remarkable success as a curator and artist in Berlin. From his early work, shaped by Surrealism, to the rediscovery of ancient techniques such as encaustic and the processing of gold leaf. A journey through the centuries, from ancient Greece to mythology and sea lights to the artistic perception of the complicated relationship between human being and nature.

Pantelis Sabaliotis has searched so many questions for an answer he finally left us in his oeuvre as a universal message. For what remained unanswered to him, he may have finally been able to find clarity on his last trip. Probably in the form he once imagined: as a winged cyclist on the way to the stars …

Berlin, September 2021


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