About us

We, the people responsible for these pages, as the rightful heirs of the complete artistic oeuvre of Pantelis Sabaliotis, would like to do one thing above all: preserve his memory and make his art accessible to all who are interested.
A body of work that spans a period of 40 years, oil and acrylic paintings, pastels, object art, assemblages and sculptures. The unusually broad repertoire of constantly new series of works ranges from 5 cm miniatures on paper to three-metre wall works with wood, wax and gold leaf to room-filling installations.

Sabaliotis’ art inspired many people during his lifetime, who may rediscover a work they purchased on this website or in the catalogue raisonné. The catalogue of works, fundamental to this website and the supreme discipline in an artist’s oeuvre, took well over a year of work. But we are convinced that the series of works by the artist, the natural philosopher, the visionary, will continue to convey important messages to us in the future. For his work spans a bridge between yesterday and tomorrow, across a river that, according to Heraclitus, never lets us emerge twice from the same shore, but which nevertheless connects everything that makes up our world. The themes that preoccupied Pantelis Sabaliotis, our relationship with nature, the essence of the four elements, sciences, interpersonal relationships, the harmony of mind and body, are exactly the same ones that have preoccupied humanity since the dawn of thought. Today we are further than ever from an answer to the related questions, consumers of a fast-moving, technocratic and globalised world.


The artist’s graphic works, his countless sketches, drafts and ideograms in paper form are not yet listed on this website. We will endeavour to gradually compile an index of this part of the synthesis of the arts and publish it here.